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  1. oooh I bet you feel better for that dont you Tony,your just a coward who hides behind his key board,one day someone will find your identity then we will see just how BIG you are. ******. Your not fit to be admin.
  2. As it says in the bible and eye for n eye,as to halibut well you didnt expect anything else did you? He is an apologist for the low lifes in this world, no wonder the country is going down the pan when people of his ilk are about.
  3. Dont hold your breath,halibut and the rest of the Islamaphiles will probably keep quiet.
  4. Hes entitled to his view like anyone else,Of course I disagree with him but lets not stifle free speech.
  5. Difference is the right wing dont propose to kill em:thumbsup: Come on you ought to be able to do better than that halibut.
  6. Yes. see easy eh you ought to try it more often. Ok I suggest you watch this prog about Islam and its fanatics,I watched it last night and the lady athough a muslim herself spells it out very clearly. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/6335401.stm
  7. Halibut do YOU support the Islamic worlds stance on homosexuals? Just a yes or no will suffice.
  8. I am glad to see him putting climate change on the public conscientious,although hes a democrat and I support the american republican party I am fully behind him on this issue. This is one area where the Bush administartion hasnt done enough in the past although I think we are seeing A SLIGHT change in policy now. Go for it Al.
  9. That still leaves the others,better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Im sure all those who advocate free speech wont mind their taxes going to the BNP. All you lefties are bank rolling the BNP with your taxes.
  11. Im sorry to hear your area is bad but I presume you still vote Labour? maybe you ought to think again? It REALLY does come down to who you want to run your council and what values they have,im not saying vote BNP but you need to think about the alternatives.
  12. That is the best post ive seen in a while and so true.
  13. John Major ought to get the credit for that,he was the one who made it possible.
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