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  1. You dismissed Paula when she recounted how often she was asked for money, and suggested that is a problem, you dismissed me in literally your point before last when I said you see the problem ones going back to their accommodation at night to mention just the latest couple of points. And I could report that to the police, but I imagine calling at least twice a day every day would probably get me listed as a nuisance caller. Feel free to dismiss me as you did Paula though as "looking like a bit of a target"
  2. Not a saint, but you certainly have a "holier than thou" attitude, who dismisses legitimate points made by other members of this forum as lacking in compassion. Although I posit that if they were literally on your street and you were threatened by them day in and day out you would probably singing a different tune. Compassion is a cheap luxury for those its not directly affecting. And you spend enough time in the centre, say 6 years and counting you see them going into their accommodation at night, and going out in the morning. But I don't suppose you would see that from your nice little enclave in Wadlsey.
  3. Cyclone of course can afford to be a sympathetic saint, he gets to go into town, show sympathy to all the poor druggies, then go home. For the rest of us who actually live in the city centre, we have a very different lived experience, being asked for money every 10 minutes and being verbally abused and spat at if we refuse. The if they deserve sympathy why do we not, as after all we haven't done anything to deserve it? Although I suppose the upshot of living in the city centre is knowing that the vast majority aren't homeless, because you can actually see them go into their accommodation at night when its no longer profitable to be out!
  4. I dont think I've ever seen them do anything that really helps the centre. I suspect it would be a better to do away with all of them for as many dedicated police officers in the city centre that such a saving could afford.
  5. Sorry to hear your suffering with this, I know its bloody awful from experience. I don't know any groups you can talk to, but I had a medical friend of mine who recommended 4 cups of camomile tea again can help a bit. I normally don't go in for that sort of thing and question its value but I gave it a try and I do think if you drink enough it does have a bit of a calming effect. Sorry that this is a bit of crappy advice, but its the best I can give. Thoughts are with you though buddy, I know it aint nice!
  6. Seen a few people have referenced rumours about him, what kind of thing are we talking here?
  7. Good point mossdog, half of the battle is knowing where not to move
  8. Well thanks for the sarky response and tearing me down whilst contributing nothing. Although I think I explained pretty well why I wanted to be there, peace, quiet and calm. Give me the dullards any day.
  9. This is pretty much the point I'm trying to make: theres a lot of people on here who are very quick to judge people who want to tackle the begging problem in the area as heartless <removed> but the point is most of them aren't and make a lot from intimidation and harassment. And while (up to a point) I do sympathise with their argument that they need help, on the flip side it wasn't through my choices that made them that way, its not my responsibility to sort their problems and I certainly don't deserve someone screaming that I'm a <removed> in my face because I didn't hand over. Like you I wish the people would give charity if they really want to help these people, but then again I guess less people see them being a "good" person that way
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, I will definitely look into those other areas too! Been living in the very CC for a good while now and looking forward to a bit of piece and quiet, getting away from the students (nice but noisy god bless em!) and junkies (as before but without the nice).
  11. Thats awful but not exactly surprising. I live just off West Street so I could tell you some right horror stories! Although thats just not on, I know from shared experiences between me and my other half you are more likely to be targeted and treated more aggressively if your a lone woman than loan bloke. I dont really mind begging to be honest, particularly if its genuine (which a lot of it isn't), its when it becomes extortion and threats that I have an issue with. Unfortunately though thats increasingly what its become in the centre.
  12. Hi all! Sorry to post such a highly specific question on here but when it comes to Sheffield I can't think a better source of information! So the long and short of it is, Im hoping to move out of the city centre in the next few months, and I'm wanting to get a bit of piece and quiet. With that in mind, I was looking at renting a apartment in Lodge Moor, particularly looking at the hospital redevelopment. I was wondering if anyone had lived there, or around there and knew what it was like in terms of the type of people who live around there, is it nice, and is it quiet? On another note if anyone can recommend another area of the city thats nice and peaceful any suggestions are appreciated! Many thanks all
  13. I know who you mean. Yeah he's an issue if you don't even shop there and just vaguely have to pass through the area. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been in Waitrose in about 5 years, but I've been accosted by the man in question tonnes!
  14. http://www.southyorks.police.uk/news-syp/trio-jailed-‘violent’-student-robbery-sheffield Because of those who accuse us of not wanting to be constantly hassled as heartless monsters, situations such as the above are going to be a lot more common. The amount of times me and my other half have been hassled by the bloke in the above police report is unreal. But those who condemn us will continue to fail to see that its a problem, and funding the drug habits of such people helps no one except the dealers. Remember while it may feel good to give to the homeless, the real question should be does it do good?
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