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  1. I bought my fence from Hillsborough fencing and the builder doing work on my house kindly sorted it for me. Did a cracking job. Jamie of Shepworth Construction; highly recommend. However given there can be a wait time on builders and with it being a fairly straight forward job, you may be as well to get the fence company to put up for you. Hillsborough fencing offer this service
  2. It's worth keeping an eye on the Sheffield FC futsal Academy Facebook page. Not sure if they have a team so young but they often run coaching sessions
  3. Correct - they looked to be installing the new doors by the looks of things when I went past earlier
  4. Yeah it'd be done properly as part of the building work but Its the pulling the floor up if there is problems that puts me off it and knowing my luck, it probably would go wrong!
  5. Yeah I know what you mean. My friends new build has it throughout the house though and its lovely and warm. But Im unsure on reliability and whether its worth it with there being radiators elsewhere in the other part of the build.
  6. I'm having an extension build which will become a new living room and we have the option to have underfloor heating if we want it. Has anyone on here got underfloor heating and are you happy with it? The new room is going to be open plan to an existing room with radiators. Would this matter? From what I've read, underfloor looks good but my concern is about reliability and it breaking down, which requires the flooring coming up.
  7. Hi Darryl, Would you happen to be the team that withdrew? I have a team in the league and am looking for 1 or 2 new players to join if you'd be interested?
  8. I hope it's as simple as that. Thought I'd throw the subject out there to see if others encountered similar. No whittling, just working out where I'll be spending money
  9. I'm about to purchase a detached house in Walkley and the homebuyer survey points out some cracks to the soffits which may contain asbestos. I'd probably look to have both soffits and fascias replaced and go upvc but I'm struggling to find a company who removes asbestos. Anyone got any advice or best practice to solve? Cheers
  10. Looking to sign up anyone hardworking and good on the ball for a futsal team who play on Monday nights. After a successful first season in a smaller trial league, we've been entered into the top division, being joined by Sheffield FC Development, Sheffield United Scholars, Hallam Uni and Sheffield Uni. I've lost a few players so looking to find a couple of replacements...especially a keeper. Futsal is fast paced, skillful and also very tactical. It's very much about team work and skill, rather than kicking the hell out of each other...which is why it's very enjoyable. Let me know if anyone feels up to it!
  11. I'm in the process of switching my car insurance, with Octagon proving to be substantially cheaper than anyone else. I'd never heard of them before but I've read a few threads online which don't seem great. These are from 2010 though, so I was wondering if anyone on here was with them now?
  12. 1pm-1.30 depending on stock. There's lots of sellers and it's free entry for buyers!
  13. The Sheffield Cats Shelter are organising their first all-weather car booty tomorrow, Sunday 20 September, Millennium Hall (the old Polish Centre), Ecclesall Road. Sellers from 9.30am, buyers from 10.30am - if a success it will become a regular event! http://www.thesheffieldcatsshelter.org/feline-fun-run-2015.php
  14. I always thought it was the phone line that determined your speed and not the provider. Just paid to go onto fibre in Walkley and whilst we only get around 10mb, it's the better than the 0.5mb we were getting
  15. Whilst I don't body build as such, Be X fitness has some absolute tanks in there, so plenty of people to potentially train with or ask advice.
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