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  1. Just had ours done and they used 4:1 sand to cement mix. I was worried after as read should use part lime and cement only mixes can be stronger than the brick and cause them to spall. Also cement traps the moisture so walls don’t breath. Had a couple builders round to quote on another groundwork job and they commented the pointing looks good and not to worry about no lime.
  2. I don’t think Sheffield has changed that much in the 24 years I’ve been here. If working then commuting is a consideration. Having a young un, you’ll want to be near some outdoor space so not going stir crazy cooped up and Sheffield is blessed on that front, Hillsboro Park s6, graves s8, endcliffe s11, Chelsea park s11, millhouses s8/s7, meersbrook s8 and loads more. if don’t mind commuting and have car then you can look further out like penistone. as others have said it depends what your budget is and what sort of preferences you have
  3. Hi, I’m after someone to cut a clay pipe where our roof downpipe feeds into as it has a crack in it and replace it pvc coupling, small section of pipe and bottle trap with square/rectangle grid. I’ve already dug down round clay pipe (might need bit more excavation). Also to patch the wall behind where trap is, under ground level, with some mortar . Can anyone recommend anyone? cheers john
  4. Hi, we are after some quotes for getting our cellar converted. Can anyone recommend anyone? Cheers
  5. We got ours done at mastercast on valley Rd, S8. They moulded matching reproduction and fitted us too about 8 years ago and still looks great.
  6. Hi, I'm wanting to get a half sleeve done and I'm after a portrait sitting on a background of things relevant to the portrait. I've had a look through this thread and there are lots of recommendations but it seems artists move on etc and a lot of the posts here are quite old. A lot of portraits look a bit naff so was thinking of ditching the idea but then I saw Nigel Kurt's gallery and his portraits were brilliant. I looked at Feline and some others listed and theirs didn't look as good. Would you say Nigel Kurt is the best around Sheffield/South Yorkshire for portraits? Or is there any equivalent/better artists whose gallery I should look at that I might have overlooked cos there are a lot of pages. Cheers
  7. A section of our rd was resurfaced last week with Amey due back later to finish off the other half. The next day Yorkshire water dug up the newly resurfaced bit. Barmy.
  8. Cowley lane riding school let them start at 7. The kids get to groom the ponies after. Costs £23 for an hour. My daughter really enjoys it there.
  9. It's only a small lawn, turf prob been down 4-5 years. Looks good and lovely green from the house but when standing on it looks pretty thin/sparse. I've put down iron sulphate as a moss killer and Vermont weed killer. Raked about a quarter and got a lot of thatch out but even in area I raked I can still see dead stuff so thought scarifier might be more thorough. Planning on raking the rest and then aerating with a pitch fork before overseeding. Trying to persuade my better half to let me buy an electric or manual scarifier. A losing battle at the moment!
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had an electric scarifier or manual roll one that they would be willing to lend me to do a small lawn? We are in S11. Depending how good the results I will prob buy one as I've read you are meant to do it twice a year. Thanks for any replies :-) John
  11. About 15 yrs ago, I used Frog Walk for a couple of yrs every day, even middle of the night. I lived on Stalker Lees Rd, where frog walk starts and my gf lived at Westbrook Bank. I never saw any bother but heard it wasn't a great place so was a bit wary - now I'm older and sensible I would certainly think twice about going up it on my todd in the dark, just not worth the risk to save 5-10 mins. But you can see why people use it, a real handy shortcut to get up to sharrowvale and to be honest in the day time it is a pleasant little walk by the river.
  12. I had mine done at vision express in meadowhall in Feb. Still not quite 20/20 but well worth it. My prescription was -4.5 and -4.75 with a stigmatism. Initially quoted nearly 5K for both eyes even with their vouchers so wasn't interested. Then got an offer out of the blue for £2013 in jan for both eyes, no catches and could get 0% on it. So went for it. Had it done at about 5pm and was really uncomfortable till about 11pm and then i could see well enough to see a film to take my mind off the grittiness. They do feel dry at times (only had it done for 6 weeks now) but far less than when i was wearing contact lenses. I had a check up in the week and the fella said the dryness can take a year to clear and sometimes takes few months for the eyesight to settle down and if not up to scratch they perform free followups. With my presription I have a 6% chance of it not being quite right. All in all I think it is fantastic and highly recommend it if you can get a good deal.
  13. Yeah, maybe I should encourage a cheaper hobby instead otherwise I'll be spending my beer fund
  14. Hi, My youngest is 6 and animal mad, especially about horses and dogs! We've taken her for a couple of pony rides when on holiday and she loved it. We keep meaning to arrange some riding and never quite get round to it. To treat her we've bought her some cheapo jodpurs from decathlon and want to surprise her by arranging some lessons in the New Year. So I'm after some recommendations for stables. I think she would also love the grooming/mucking out side so maybe a stable with a pony club. I've seen recomendations for Grenoside and Smeltings at Ringinglow are BHS registered. There was also some good reviews for White Acres in S6. We are S11 so I'm after the most child friendly place, that would allow her to be hands on with grooming etc when she feels up to it, that is a reasonable commute and price. Failing that would it be worth nipping in to the horse and rider shop in crookes and asking if they have a recommendation? Thanks in advance
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