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  1. All you builders ( electricians, joiners, plasterers, bricklayers etc ) Crime flavour of the month is all about stuff being stolen from your vehicles. Damned annoying isn't it and a costly experience. Please increase the security of your vehicle and think about where you park it. My nephew has been the victim twice in a matter of a few days. Please mark your tools, either with a UV pen or etch on your details. Big question is, where is the market for all these stolen items ? Surely the thieves aren't using them personally, more likely selling on to feed their drug use. Don't buy anything from a bloke in a pub and if you see someone selling such items in a pub, then report them please. If you see what look like stolen items on sale at a car boot, then also report. Please ignore the out of date contact details on the foot of this post
  2. I was told yesterday that more police and Civilian jobs are going? I am "Genuinely" worried if this is true? Might I ask, Has anyone else heard this? Are we to start going the job ourselves? When are cutbacks setbacks? I really would like some opinion....please tell me yours.. Thanks.. Ps: if you live on a road with a Watch Scheme please also give your opinions.. thanks a lot
  3. If you aware of an active Neighbourhood Watch group or you could contribute some ideas, what do you require from a Neighbourhood Watch group. Sensible comments please ! What information should a NW group be providing to local residents ? What information should the Police be providing. In what form should liaison take place with the Police. i.e. meet at the local Police station / they come to your meetings. Is a regular NW Newsletter useful ? What information should the Police be giving a NW group. How should social media be used for the benefit of NW ? I look forward to your comments !
  4. Policing is reactive and pro-active. If you don't make the call to complain it's not recorded and it's not an issue. To get better policing you need to report any issue... We are sad to here the dissatisfied comments, it's clear to us that if you don't report it doesn't get better, and this applies to all crime groups. For assistance please email us your concern on oursheffield@gmail.com thanks
  5. Neighbourhood Watch, Is an organisation that is None Political, We have no opinion on the suitability of any prospective candidate for the forthcoming position, as the vacancy is potentially up to18 months away. It has been expressed publically, and we echo concern about the process!. For a public position that takes an oath of impartiality, It seems perverse that Political sponsorship of the prospective PCC is permitted. Surly this can Not be correct. The selection of a politically sponsored candidate can Not be in the public interest. If the public are to receive an impartial, independent service the is evidence the process requires change. As to the potential criminality alleged is so serious it surly requires the scrutiny of the process as a conflict of interests exists between the PCC and the Chief officer of any force
  6. Could this all be down to the money of the victim, and the proportionality of a burglary or theft. If you loose a Rolls Royce or a ready meal. they are more serious if its your last one? Victim Impact?
  7. Thank you for your query, the context of these replies is predominantly those of Neighbourhood Watch as an organisation as this is their account. Any reference to the individual opinion, other than recounted experiences, must be purely accidental. But thank you for your concerns and we will do our best to correct that in the future.
  8. Hello and thank you for asking about the meeting on Wednesday. The meeting is being run by the Sheffield Neighbourhood Watch. Most of the committee/area co-ordinators and chair will be present There will also be guest speaker from the University on the subject of social media. Additionally there will be number of representatives from South Yorkshire Police These will including two chief inspectors, jointly responsible for the whole of Sheffield. The topics to be discussed are: how neighbourhood watch works, neighbourhood watch in the 21st-century, social media, changes in legislation, the legal powers of the citizen, this will be followed by a brief Q&A, and it is hoped that this meeting will be the first of many. Thank you ---------- Post added 25-08-2014 at 20:53 ---------- We are informed that it is a civil tort of negligence, and that negligence can be contributory. We are also told that it could reasonably apply in a dispute over insurance liability or claims.
  9. [/color] Hi Alan Thank you for bringing up the issue of the perpetrator. We are aware that a considerable number of offenders when arrested and tested for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol are found to have issues in those areas. From a recent conversation held with professionals at a mental health unit it became clear that some of the residents at the mental health unit had issues with both drugs and alcohol. One of the members of staff related her 20 years of experience to alcohol being the most dangerous drug she had to deal with. She made a statement that even heroin addicts can be brought off of heroin at home. But alcoholics needed to be admitted to hospital. When pressed on the subject she made the statement that made me realise that the perpetrator if under the influence of drink or drugs is behaving differently. If we don't take drink or drugs maybe it's difficult for us to understand the effects that either drink or drugs or a combination of both can have on a perpetrator. Is there motivation the drink or the drugs? As a society do we consider the individual to be capable when they are in fact addicts to either drink or drugs? Is the solution putting people who have mind altering substances in their body in prison when it may in fact be the mind altering substance that is caused the crime? The term out of it I've heard used on many occasions... Could this be a real recognition that the harm that drink or drugs causes is actually just the crime. So no matter who gets burgled or suffers crime they are in fact the victim and that victim is called society? I think you've hit on an absolutely fantastic point Alan we need to look more at the perpetrator and we need to consider in more detail their ability to resist these influences, that so many of them have upon them, at the time they commit crime?
  10. We genuinely think that is one option to say absolutely nothing so people don't get offended. There is an old saying I've heard before that the truth hurts, and we don't wish to cause anybody any pain or suffering. That's really why we do what we do. One area of Sheffield on one police report for the last week had a dozen instances burglary. That may not be representative of the whole city but it's enough to keep us motivated in trying to reduce it. If you are reading this forum please post as new topics and talk about your experiences they can only help people. Thank you
  11. Would it not be the responsibility of any person performing a public service to distribute and disseminate their message by any reasonable means? ---------- Post added 25-08-2014 at 18:20 ---------- Mr Bloom: In the event that you don't have a smart phone you still welcome to attend the meeting. Meeting is at Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday the 27th at 7 PM. it is a public meeting, but if you'd like to follow this link you can book a ticket https://t.co/0F0EcmGkFz[url/] If you have a smart phone you would be able to interact and participate at the meeting, but if don't, or if you have a computer at home you can still access the same information by following www.twitter.com/watch Sheffield. further info or support: please email us; oursheffield@gmail.com Thank you ---------- Post added 25-08-2014 at 18:34 ---------- The police do have some unpaid workers, these include police volunteers and special constables. Neighbourhood Watch ( NW) ,membership is from our community, it is formed of public minded individuals with honesty and integrity that put the interests of the community ahead of what they do for themselves in the spirit of Neighbourliness. NW is a non-political organisation, and it reasonably explores all opportunities to promote community cohesion and public safety in the face of sometimes unpleasant crime. We are the first line of victim reduction. By looking out for our neighbours (you) and sharing what has been earlier called common sense[b/], these tips we promote target hardening To simply lessen the suffering or reduce the likelihood of You[b/] joining the collective number of victims over the years. ---------- Post added 25-08-2014 at 18:50 ---------- Unfortunately I can't agree with your post as you clearly don't appear to have heard of the concept of "contributory negligence" (common law). The burglar is responsible under Criminal Law for there actions Is there evidence in your quote that it is felt its all the burglars fault, or are you responsible at all for your actions if you leave a door open?. If anyone considers that to be the case, if I may suggest assuming you have an insurance policy you inspect the wording it can advise. There are a significant number of reasons why most insurance companies refuse to pay out on claims I am told leaving doors or windows open can be one reason. Contributory negligence is often apparently referred to in policy wording. Far be it from Neighbourhood Watch ever to tell anyone what to do, but we are quite happy to point out any identified vulnerability: or we would be considered negligent by others I might suggest.
  12. Sorry typo to be honest I am not quite sure either now its been a while since I wrote it..
  13. The not the be all about crime and the longer the be all about the negative stories to be truthful. However we are trying to invite people to take part in looking after their own community I was interested? ---------- Post added 23-08-2014 at 14:37 ---------- Our posts are not all about crime but they are about Sheffield our community and how we can help ourselves. If you'd like to contribute feel free... Any comments are welcome! However, we are trying to invite people to take a more active part in neighbourhood watch. Particularly if they are interested in looking after their own community? I was interested, and that's why I've started posting:-)
  14. A Re-Launch of Sheffield’s Neighbourhood Watch Wednesday 27th Aug at Sheffield Hallam University – All welcome. linkhttp://goo.gl/ZPJgzy Please do your best to attend view want to make a difference in your community. We are here to help you, help each other with honesty and integrity in the fight against crime. We are the community helping the community. For information on how to join neighbourhood watch email:oursheffield@gmail.com Hopefully see you at the meeting. Cheers ---------- Post added 23-08-2014 at 14:10 ---------- Dear neighbour and fellow citizen of Sheffield This is a really important meeting if you got the time to spare please make it their, hopefully see you on the 27th.
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