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  1. Not been on site for a few weeks so reply is quite late....have you tried Craftastic, Middlewood Rd at Hillsborough , opposite the old co-op which is a bargain shop now. They do classes, phone no. 0114 2316047.
  2. Where at Malin Bridge is the shop please. I have tried to find it before but failed.
  3. I had a Saturday job at the Co Op in Haymarket and when I got paid at lunch time I went straight to Chelsea Girl on King St. and spent the lot.
  4. Hi Karen & Cheryl. Yes Pat is raymond1947. I first registered my husband on forum and when I tried to register myself it would not accept my e mail address as it was already taken so I stuck with original user name. He is not interested in using forum anyway so it was not a problem ....just confusing:confused: Yes still in Thurcroft, bottom edge near Brookhouse. Cheryl....lost my original Pinterest board so had to re register as Patricia Cundey. Lost all my info so it a basic board at moment, have put you on to follow but lost all my other followers and following. What a pain.
  5. I cover it completely in foil before putting in oven, this keeps it soft.
  6. Thanks alchresearch...it is just as your links have reported. 2 irish blokes charged my elderly neighbour £156 and followed her into the house. She paid up as she was unnerved by them. Seems the white van had false number plates. Most of the jokes were pretty good:D
  7. Has anyone come across a white van with two guys selling wet fish. One has been in our area targeting the elderly. My next door neighbour was scammed. I have told the police.
  8. Hi Cheryl.....I don't stick to any particular manufacturer as I buy ones that appeal to me. I really have too many but it is a hobby I like so will keep buying as new ones are coming out weekly. The manufacturers have certainly got a good corner of the market as more and more people like to make cards which are much nicer than shop bought ones. I think it is lovely to receive a card that has been made by the sender and always open them first as I know which ones are expected to be so. At the moment I am playing with the create a card dies. I enjoy embossing too.
  9. Welcome back karennn. I don't post much on this site but do keep looking. I like the pinterest site and look on there most days. I keep in touch with the forum as you do get to know what's going off and mostly it's quite informative.
  10. I keep looking too. We must be a boring lot... lol. I suppose sometimes you think what might be of interest to yourself is not to anyone else.What crafts are you interested in karennn? Mine is cardmaking for women preferably as I like to mess with fancy dies and nice paper. That might sound bizarre with my user name but I am female.
  11. Sorry Becky B, I have been totally stupid. Appologies.
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