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  1. Walked it last year and found sections closed. Does anyone know if it is open, the website hasn’t been updated. Thank you.
  2. We've planted lilac, Victoria Plum and a pineapple broom tree this year. We've also left the apples on the ground and have been pleasantly surprised to find the blackbirds eating them as they soften. Garden looks a bit scruffy but we try to garden for wildlife so we don't mind!
  3. We had one for a year, hubby commuted from Rotherham to Google in it. At first we loved it, funky, cheap to run etc. However, he hated windy days when he said the car would drift across the lane on the M18. He found that lorries driving behind unnerved him as they were so close. It was also rubbish at hills and speed bumps. After a year we couldn't take any more and changed it. We'd never buy another.
  4. The council rarely accept responsibility for the actions of the householder. If you did it, you pay to put it right. If you die, they have no choice but to sort it. My parents-in-law have a council house. During a flush period they paid to have a bathroom and a kitchen fitted. Now, if anything repairs need doing, they are charged. The council will only maintain what they have put in otherwise they find themselves facing huge bills to sort problems they haven't caused ( and lets face it, they waste enough money sorting the problems they cause themselves).
  5. Sounds interesting. Just visited pub website and no mention of it so I can I buy tickets on the door?
  6. We rarely get cabs but would always use a proper cab service, not Uber. If I pay for a service, I want a professional who has been checked. I also want others to make a fair living.
  7. We had an ex local authority flat in Plymouth. We paid £100k. A year later we were notified that the would reroof and repainted the property. We were told our 1/6 th share would be £9500! No option to say no. We sold and would not buy a flat again. At least with a house you can work to your own pocket.
  8. Problem with shortening the summer hols is the heat in the classrooms. No ar con in most schools, lots of windows and 33 bodies makes lessons unpleasant and unproductive.
  9. Parked in city centre once at an NCP car park. It cost me £11 and this was on a Sunday. That's the cost of my lunch at Meadowhall! I love the centre because it has John Lewis and some good eating places (and I now use the car park near the Hilton, so £3 all day). However, I mostly go to Meadowhall, partly because I can pop in mid-week of an evening and partly to avoid the chuggers etc.
  10. I've worked in many schools as a teacher and I've never eaten for free. I pay VAT on it too.
  11. Had a child helicoptered into a prom a few years ago. Even more shocked to learn that the grandparents had taken out a lab to fund it!
  12. Great to hear on radio 4 that Our Cow Molly won an award from Radio 4 food and farming. Enjoying some of their ice cream right now.
  13. I think you'll find the general rules are no excessive noise between 11pm and 7am. 7.30 really is quite late.
  14. National shortage of teachers means many schools have supply in. Tories say it isn't so but all schools can do is advertise. They can't force teachers to work for them! Teachers often Google schools before interview, schools constantly being slagged off are not seen as appealing places to work.
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