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  1. maxfields have leaflets outside the news shop in the market at crystal peaks with all the day trips on them x
  2. thankyou didnt want to trek all the way to find its not there!! x
  3. hi ive not read all the comments but does anyone know if the old haberdashery shop that was in the bottom of the old market now in the new market?
  4. hi thankyou for your reply, ill take a look thankyou x
  5. thats great!! thankyou im not sure well qualify but worth a try! x
  6. ok thankyou. im getting her to the vets just need to find one i was thinking of going to vets4pets? ideally need one with a payment plan for unexpected large bills, other bills are fine i just like to be prepared for the future, maybe ill just tell them shes a staffy x as i think shes more like a staffy anyway x
  7. hi my son is almost 5 year old were still in process of assessment since he was 2 for autism, can i get respite without a diagnosis or statement? even just a few hours a day once in a while? x
  8. hi thankyou both for your replies. we got her from a private home, who said thyd bought her from a neighbour, they said shed been vaccinated and wormed and flead,(we believe shes 8 month old) and the house was much to be desired as far as living conditions go...........she couldnt give us proof of jabs and then said shed forgot were she had the jabs done. which leads me now to believe she hasnt had them, nor do i think she has been flead or wormed! she has a terrible rash under her back end which i believe to be flea bites, iv never seen a flea rash so im unsure, i want to take her to the vets but im scared incase they report her, i only want her to be vaccinated and the rash checked over and treated, i want to get her "done" too and chipped, if i take her to vets would they refuse treatment and report her if they know shes cross with a pitt? shes a really lovely dog, i wouldnt want to get "caught" with her and have her seized and fined x
  9. hi just after a bit of advice,dont need negative remarks just advice, basically i rescued a dog 2 weeks ago she really lovely and good around the children and a good guard dog quite protective, only thing is shes a staffy x, now im been told shes cross with a pit!! as far as im aware the pit bulls are illigal, if she is cross with a pit bull does this make her illigal? what will happen? what do i do? i dont want her siezed by the police and get fined or have to g to court iv read things on different sites and laws and im totally unsure how to go about whether i can keep her or not and what to do? can anybody help?
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