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  1. Foundations Weight Loss Coaching Programme is excited to be launching weekly group classes in the Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster Areas from October 2014 This is not a diet, meal plan or exercise programme No shakes, pills, potions or product sales pushed on you This is Personalised weight loss programme, delivered by a qualified professional designed to end 'dieting' and yo-yo dieting for good. If you're confused about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and would just like to know how to lose weight the best way that would work for you personally, then Foundations aims to deliver just that. The benefits of one 2 one personal coaching delivered in the motivating support of a group environment, you may well be surprised at how much fun you could have losing weight, and unlike many other 'diet' groups and plans, I don't ever want you to have to come back, but I do want you to tell all your friends! Refer 5 friends to Foundations weekly classes and get your core principles programme for nothing! Next Core programme starts - @Wickersley Community Centre - Oct 16th @Beighton Community Resource Centre - Oct 20th If you would prefer not to come to a class, Foundations online/phone coaching programme could be perfect for you. Call 07891 869217 now for more information and for a friendly chat about how Foundations could help you
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