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  1. The notice on the door says closed indefinitely. My dad is in his eighties and uses the post office for a variety of things. It’s within walking distance of his home and would just like to know what’s happening .
  2. Does anyone know why the post office is closed at millhouses
  3. I have started going to my local bakery and getting my bread from there it’s a little bit more expensive but well worth it 😊
  4. A person has been hit by a train at dronfield
  5. The information office is on Arundel gate by the crucible
  6. Just heard on the radio the man up the tree is from Southampton
  7. HARC homeless and rootless at Christmas are always in need of help . harcsheffield.org.uk
  8. My daughter and her friends are on holiday there . She has been in touch to say they are safe but really shook up and upset . I am watching Sky news and feel helpless . I will be glad when it's Sunday and she is back home
  9. How do you become lady mayoress is she elected for the role and what qualifications does she require
  10. I would also give foothills the thumbs up I got my walking boots and socks from there . Really helpful and friendly staff
  11. The beauchief hotel is going to be demolished to make for 24 new dwellings . Twelve flats and twelve houses . What a shame it's such a lovely historic building .
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum
  13. I did watch it last night and it was very moving but I don't know how three more episodes are going to pan out most of the story was covered last night
  14. Went to the millhouses on sunday with my family for a meal to celebrate my birthday the food was lovely and the staff were really nice and friendly. Went in again on monday for an evening meal and again it was lovely . :)
  15. Was going there this sunday for lunch to celebrate my birthday not sure about it now . Anyone tried the Robin Hood across the road for food recently
  16. These people need to be caught and named and shamed . A friend of mine works in a charity shop and the shop lifting that goes on is unbelievable
  17. Thanks geared for your help
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