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  1. Hi Paula this is Maggies sister Janice! I've passed your message on...she came back to Sheffield nearly 4 years ago! She's just moved house so she will be in touch xx
  2. I live off Wordsworth Ave and mine have just been emptied about half an hour ago after 4 weeks!!!
  3. The proposed First bus strike for 8th August has been called off by the trade union Unite. Bus services will run as normal this weekend.
  4. Mine was delivered at 6.00pm thursday!
  5. I remember it well I got pulled for under age drinking in 1970 and I was 17 at the time! Then plain clothed police visited my parents to inform them of my offence! I always remember I got fined £5!
  6. I saw exactly the same last thursday night at 7.00pm! I was at the bus stop on Wordsworth Ave, they rose from behind the houses and moved across the sky till one dropped behind the houses the other one carried on till it was out of sight. I could only describe them as orange coloured stars.
  7. It's http://www.bvandp.co.uk I've had a look offers in the region of £30.000!
  8. I used to work behind the bar in the Magnet and there was no more "slutty" women in there than any other local pub. There was a few 'lechy' men tho!
  9. I was told this morning by the local newsagent it was a stabbing that happened during a party
  10. I can remember going to the concerts in Weston Park but not Christine, mind you it was a long time ago!
  11. Hi Carol Have you tried http://www.sheff-indexers.thewholeshebang.org I found my gt grandmothers burial records on there. Go to burial records, you only need to enter the name and search. My gt grandmother died in the same asylum and I found she was buried in St Michaels cemetery, Rivelin. Good luck!
  12. Has anyone heard why Southey Green Road was closed this morning? Police were there, hope it's not another road accident.......
  13. It's because he's got 2 days holiday! C'mon don't you know only bus drivers ever work!
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