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  1. We have been having leaking nappies with my boy, he's nearly 10months but weighs over 11kg so we found size 5 were more effective but still leaking. Read somewhere else that aldi were good so tried, cheap & quite good, have used them with boots disposal nappy liners & dry nights again!!! Phew
  2. Hi, I can only echo the good reports of neuro wards in the hallamshire, I've got a brain tumour & had craniotomy there in 2009, they really are amazing. It's scary enough having an op but one on yr brain is petrifying but she will be in the best hands. I think there is a little room attached to N1 for relatives to wait but my family stayed home and waited for the call from my surgeon, they had arrived on the ward before I did because you can be in recovery for quite a while but mine wasa very long op. I've said Lots before its sometimes easier being the patient but since my diagnosis I've become a mom & can't imagine my boy being poorly so my heart goes out to you. Keep strong X
  3. Not sure how much she is and if she does student discounts but Sharon has sorted my back out and is lovely. She is based in S10 too which will help if your friend is a student http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/usport/s10/physiotherapyservice/profile.html
  4. I can recommend Michelle at wellforce, i was getting treatment at the Cavendish Centre and she was great and sorted me out. http://www.wellforce.co.uk/michelle_grundywakelin.htm
  5. I can only mirror previous posts, its an amazing place, they really looked after my dad and us as a family, amazing place and people.
  6. We got ours last year from Wirlow Farm and it was lovely, and had had a lovely happy life, this year from our local butcher, again free range cost about £4/lb
  7. I have slated my father-in-law for buying a 4x4 but was happy to accept his offer to take me to the docs and food shopping yesterday there is no point having 2 members of my family with 4x4’s and not taking advantage of them!!! PS I cant drive due to a medical condition not because of the snow
  8. we never went to Silversmiths as we thought the owner was an idiot on kitchen nightmares which is a shame because I love to have tried the food the chef produced so I think this might be the demise of silversmiths
  9. have a look for my budget wedding planner, Rachel is doing my flowers and he is very reasonable, and really lovely and helpful
  10. http://www.wellforce.co.uk/mick_whincup.htm Mick is really good, has helped me through one of the worse times of my life good luck Px
  11. we got ours off ebay from these people, they were great http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/12march2004
  12. we used speights, very good service couldnt fault them
  13. We are getting married in OctoberCan anyone recommend a nice hotel, not to far out of Sheffield, maybe with a nice restaurant or one near by where we can spend the first few days of married life? We have had to post-pone the actual honey moon till next year as I had surgery a few months ago and am not well enough to go just yet
  14. we srank this too and 20/20!!! memories!!!
  15. Do what you want, we are no bridesmaids, no best man, lost my dad 4 years ago so no one giving me away, getting married at registrar office and we walking in together, if people dont like it then they wont come but if they love us enough they will! good luck and stick to what you want
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