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  1. Hi all Sunday next week my parents are taking myself and my girlfriend out for a lunchtime meal. This is to celebrate my birthday, my dad's birthday and also to celebrate a significant family event. My parents are not from Sheffield and my mother has tasked me with "find somewhere in or around sheffield that is posh enough that requires booking". Any ideas please peeps? Was toying with wig and pen but due to the occasion it really must be as posh as poss.........
  2. Hi all I am looking for places that sell brio wooden train sets. I know they have a limited amount in toys r us but was wondering if anyone was aware of anywhere else maybe independent shops that may stock it? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you John
  3. Hi there. We are looking to move house on July 7th from Sheffield to Leeds and looking for a reputable removal company or man with a van. Having looked at pickfords and received their extortionate quote I am looking now to go for something more local. We have a medium sized semi and I really need everything to go in one day. We have sofas, beds, garden furniture but no white goods. I really want it to be done by people who are reputable and will take good care of our things, so recommendations would be much appreciated from people who have used anyone before. If you could let me know, or if you are someone who can provide this service and supply a quote please PM me. I have used some services in the past and they clearly couldn’t give a damn about our belongings, so I look forward to someone who can provide a professional service. Many thanks John
  4. Oh to be able to play the quiz sat on the terrace overlooking the river! Well its not quite warm enough yet, but it soon will be and there cant be many pub quizzes where you can play it sat outside! In the meantime, get yourself down there to have a go at my quiz - its a great laugh for all, even if the weather isnt quite warm enough to play it outside just yet! Hopefully see you there tonight. Cheers John
  5. Can anyone confirm it has definately shut for good?
  6. More quizzy shenanigans on tonight! Pop down, its alreet! Cheers John
  7. Hi all Quiz on as usual tonight if all this valentine's rubbish is too much for you. Hopefully see you down there. Cheers John
  8. Hi all Well Christmas seems well and truly behind us now and the pub is filling up again on a monday night. Hopefully see you there tonight for some fun quizziness Cheers John
  9. Quizzy quizzy quizzy! Quiz on as usual tonight - hope to see you down there! Cheers John
  10. Quiz night on as usual tonight. Hope to see you there. regards John
  11. Hi all Quiz night on again tonight at the Riverside Bar on Mobray St. Had a few newbies down last week who seemed to have a great night, hopefully tonight will be another chuckle. See you there John
  12. Hi all After a very successful 2010, my Pub Quiz returns for 2011! Not a regular dull 30 general knowledge questions, this is played in the style of the 80s classic show Blockbusters and each team have to try and get a line of correct answers across the Blockbusters board. Throw in drinks offers, a free buffet, multiple different themes rounds and lots of ways to win - well you have a great night out in the making. All kicks off around 8.30pm at The Riverside Bar on Mobray St in S3. Hopefully see you there. Cheers John
  13. Hi all My last quiz of 2010 is tonight (Dec 20th) down at The Riverside Bar on Mobray St. As it is the last one until the New Year I have made it a special Review Of 2010 Quiz. Starts around 8:30pm and follows the usual fun format with drinks offers and free buffet. My quiz will return in the New Year on January 3rd Cheers John
  14. Incidentally I have an Xbox 360. I know there is a game out there that has 30 classic Megadrive games on it. Does anyone know if one exists for the Amiga or SNES?
  15. I was always a z-x for left and right with k-m for up and down kinda guy This does sound like a good idea, especially as the games that have been mentioned are all taking me back (speedball 2, sensi soccer etc) - oooh can I also add Supercars 2 on the Amiga in there too please.
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