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  1. visa applied for. Just waiting for the all clear. Going to the west coast to be near family. Cant wait.
  2. They will all be sat in their Ivory tower (howden house) slapping themselves on the back saying how good it is!!!!!!!!
  3. Good old SCC, Does it again, wonder what else is sat waiting to come over the horizon & bite them on the a***:hihi:
  4. I was in there 2 weeks ago, the staff are brill, you can even get takeaway food brought in!!!!!:hihi:
  5. national labour party may have seen the errors of there ways, but not the clowns we have mate!
  6. Welcome back red, hope you make a speedy recovery mate. I thought that Jan must have banned you all using sf since the Myers fiasco :hihi:
  7. I'm sure there's more political fodder, ready & willing to step in to the breach!
  8. Is it me, or has it quitened down since JCH & Sir Bob "Give us a job gordy" have chucked their notices in? Just a group of certain Labour councillors to go & we may then get on an even keel within the next decade:hihi: Just a thought, Thats all.
  9. Bradfield is not a big school, there's only @970 pupils there.
  10. SCC has been in chaos for years, it's now the norm :hihi:
  11. Ring Supertram & complain, they have allready been pulled about this in a public meeting
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