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  1. Yes you can get a guaranteed pass,. I think its around £900 you get instruction and a test and if you fail you get more instruction until you pass
  2. there was no risk, the bikes were following a hearse at very low speed, please show respect by not trying to start an argument
  3. I know what he looks like and he don't like me cos I call him Humphrey, he likes to be called Mr Smith, he'd like me less if he knew I was a biker
  4. Can I just say that speed limits only exist because some people are too stupid to know what speed they should be doing. I admit I do break the speed limit sometimes but only if I know it is safe to do so, on the other hand I drive well under the speed limit in foggy/ heavy rain conditions, its called common sense and if more of us had it we wouldn't need to be told what speed to go on each road
  5. I was brought up on St Anthony road and my folks still live there, there are no students, only retired people and professionals. I moved away because I couldn't afford to buy in Crookes
  6. Squires to Fridaythorpe to Brid, good run
  7. great gig as always. People if you have never seen Highway Child go see them, it'll cost you nowt to get in so what you got to lose?
  8. I do my own oil and filters but when I want a mechanic to do a full service it has to be Hawleys
  9. shiregreen service station sell mopeds but I think they only have Chinese ones, I'm not going to say anything about Chinese bikes other than you get what you pay for, go look at them and then go look at SMC Wicker arches, cost more but like I say.. you get what you pay for
  10. Is your sofa an expensive one with a hard wood frame? by that I mean is it very heavy? The reason I ask is because in many cases it is cheaper to buy a new sofa, by the time they have stripped the old cover off and put new cover on it won't be cheap
  11. some really good work there but you have to select the edit you want, don't let me decide which edit I like, tell me which edit I like. Your photos your rules
  12. my post is still valid though, they are in the town because we are
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