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  1. The 2016 vote on Brexit turned out to be a non-binding vote with a small majority that does not say much for MPs – after all, it only reflected the aspirations of the hoi polloi in England and Wales and it had started purely for display purposes to show younger voters that the conservative party was not ‘The Nasty Party’ at all. Consequently, the House voted and said there cannot be no-deal under any circumstance; there is no appetite for no-deal. But the vote would not have been binding even if it had got through the Commons. Theresa May (fading into the gray background) could not afford a no-deal. After all, she was simply lying to the nation that ‘we will leave with or without a deal’. On the bright side, listening to BBC Radio Norfolk on the issue of Brexit, I have noticed a positive change. Brexiteers once proudly proclaiming that ‘they need us more than we need them’ are now being apprehensive about 'just getting out'. Anyway, I am happy to accept that democracy in the UK can change its mind.
  2. In Russia, swearing and inappropriate language in schools (even in primary classes) is on the rise. Essentially, the purpose of school is to teach children how to be functioning human beings at least, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Therefore not allowing children to swear in class is essential practice. I hope and dream of times where children use appropriate language but am I fighting a losing battle? As the old social groupings of nuclear families, extended families and church communities are replaced by imagined Internet communities and the state, which is Puttin' money before people, we have a generation that includes many who are isolated and lonely, drifting without any moral anchor or structure to their lives, faced with an endemic on swearing.
  3. Here are examples of my hedgehog poetry collection. Hope you enjoy it! 1. Beneath the garden wood pile I hear sounds of excavation As a hedgehog starts preparing for his autumn hibernation. 2. The Hedgehog went for a walk one day. Off out all on his own, What can I say. He crossed the road but he forgot to look left and right. He didn’t see the car, In his sight. 3. I could tell it was a Hedgehog simply by it's silhouette, and if it didn't move real soon would get squashed flat, I'll bet. 4. Oh lovely, little hedgehog, playing in the grass, I love your prickly, stylish coat, it brings you so much sass. 5. The little flower pot wept and cried Thrown on the compost heap on his side A little hedgehog scurrying by, Said “little flowerpot do not cry.”
  4. No. Mahon, Spain (Mayonnaise comes from Mahon, right next to Mustard Town. )
  5. No. Mayonnaise ........ (When I was ten I got my head stuck in a fence and my grandma used mayonnaise to squeeze me out.)
  6. Yes, indeed! After the collapse of the Soviet Union (and state-funded math research), thousands of talented mathematicians were out of work, so they turned to the emerging IT sphere. You don’t have to go to a boring office, and instead you just earn money in a manner that seems “easy.” By virtue of being Good $amaritans, Russian hackers also try to hack into systems in America, UK or Germany to report the authorities about the security flaws and to get them fixed soon.
  7. Concerns about Russia’s use of social media to meddle in elections have become so commonplace that the Spanish government recently accused Russians of playing a significant role in the push for Catalan independence.
  8. Maria Zhakharova vs Theresa May The Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria (Vladimirovna) Zakharova has responded to Theresa May‘s claim the two suspects in the Salisbury poisoning case were guilty of lying, labelling the prime minister’s comments “unacceptable”. Maria Zakharova is well known for various strong-worded criticisms directed at Western powers, and dancing to the Russian song “Kalinka” before a large crowd. I didn‘t believe in Kremlin Propaganda until I saw Maria Zhakharova dancing…
  9. I think Theresa May is trying to use he Skripal case to strengthen her leadership amid a challenge from the opposition. Britain harbors a lot of Russian exiles who are actually criminals and Skripal himself may have been involved with some of them. Just to remind you: Skripal is a former GRU officer who betrayed his country, was caught, imprisoned, released under pardon and swapped in a spy swap. I can't see what the motive would be for the Russian state to go for such a mean man. On the contrary, the new Skripal case may add rocket fuel to spending more on NATO and military here in the UK.
  10. Where is Collin Powell and his tiny vial when you need him? The UK regime needs you urgently to substantiate its latest theatrics. Come on mate, shake the vial one more time for old time's sake. I am glad they didn't come with Putin passport found beside the Skripals. Best form of defence is offence... for the feeble and morally bankrupt. Similarly, I have a question for May, April or wtever her name. Are you gonna come clean and admit you killed Lady D in cold blood? How ridiculous you appear! Also of note, isn't the British nerve gas experimental lab down the road from Salisbury at Porton? It's still in operation according to Wikipedia. Don't you think it's more dangerous than any Novichok chocolate protein power bar you can order from Russia? To sound more serious, this man was repatriated under a spy swap program, which should automatically put him under the protection of the UK State. However, in the course of the last few years his wife and his brother and his son have all "Died" recently. His son died in a "car accident 2017, and his wife, Liudmila in car accident in 2012, his brother by "liver failure" 2016... Are you believing that state protection offered him by the UK wasn't worried enough to protect him after all this but were ready to use this murder as a propaganda event against Russia. It's obviously a FALSE FLAG by the UK.
  11. People use euphemisms to protect themselves from the harsh realities of life -- "senior citizen" for old person, "discomfort" for pain, and... "pass away" for die. People also use euphemisms to cover up motives and events. For example, the phrase "a preemptive strike" is much more acceptable than a sneak attack. Also of note, euphemisms and doublespeak are closely related! However, in Christianity the words "pass away" are seen as having only a single meaning or sense. After an Orthodox Christian dies there are special "Prayers for the Departure of the Soul" that are said by the priest. They are also served on the numerous Soul Saturdays throughout the year. Today (28 Oct 2017) is such a day! A liturgical solemn service for the repose of the departed that we have this morning shows the victory of Christ over death -- a living victory –- accomplished through death and Resurrection.
  12. Child marriage is disgusting and should be banned >_ Most young girls are not mentally/emotionally equipped to bear the burdens of motherhood.Teens are at higher risk of having pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, organ damage, premature birth, and low-birth-weight babies.
  13. Sometimes online shopping service is stupid; you buy things that are not the same as what you see in the website! Going out and shopping is more fun.
  14. Driving, I realized, isn’t really difficult; it’s just extremely dangerous.
  15. Good news for Chalga & Co! Leaving this forum. The issue I have with the site is that it's kind of misleading. And it's also about the way the Internet introduces ambiguity in communication, besides English is my second foreign language. I am sorry that I insulted you Chalga and that guy from the USA, and that my posts are a waste time. We are celebrating now the joy of Holy Easter here in Russia. Do you feel the difference? Spasibo.
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