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  1. Cutbacks are necessary for one reason only, the Labour party spent all our money. The Tories are slowly getting it back, too slow for me to be honest but progress is progress.
  2. I was there about 1961 but for only a year. I remember Arnold, Rankin and Sutherland and a few others that were mentioned. In my class was Richard Swinscoe, John Hudson, Lorna Brader, that really all I remember. My Father got a job in the far east and we all trooped off over there.
  3. Surely padis and philos means lover of the Irish.
  4. VIPs are being "treated like everyone else". Several are locked up for long sentences. Your problem seems to be that you ignore the basic principle of English law in that in order to convict you have to have proof. No doubt some will get away with it, an equal number may well be accused unfairly, implementation of the law is not easy, nor should it be.
  5. Im afraid that on this forum if Cameron was proved to be Christ returned and granted everyone eternal life and a daily free cake, they would not be satisfied. He is a pragmatic and effective PM, not the best, certainly not the worst and is a safe pair of hands in difficult times.
  6. Mick Lee, he had the Greengate at High Green, then he went to a nightlclub in Derbyshire (Fiveways?) he then went to open Mulberry in 1976. Good landlord, like a lot of others at the time victim of lousy brewery management. Looked a lot like Terry, a younger version.
  7. Agreed, I would also argue that the dictators were weakened by the downfall of Saddam and as a result the Arab spring took place. Frankly we could argue were this started till the cows com home and probably end up during the fall of Jerusalem to the Muslims in the 7th century! The fact is we are were we are, and if western politicians continue to pussy foot around hoping that Daesh will go away we will all suffer for it. ---------- Post added 28-01-2016 at 13:01 ---------- You write as if Corbyn was the lost voice in the wilderness. Labour ministers resigned over Blair and Browns criminal act. France and a number of other allies would have nothing to do with the invasion of a sovereign country. Corbyn was then what he is now, a non entity. A political agitator, never a politician. When you compare him to those ministers such as Robyn Cooke it shows how weak and ineffectual he was then. In view of the fact he is now leader of that once great party it shows how badly Labour has declined.
  8. You are absolutely right in asserting that this situation is of our making. Had we stuck to eliminating Bin Ladens group in Afghanistan and had left Sadaam and the other north African dictators in power the world would be at peace. But we didnt, Bush and Blair lied and took us to war. We now have an enemy that does not fear death indeed welcomes it. We created the situation, but do we merely lay back and wait for them to kill us? Corbyn is a fool if he thinks he can reason with them. Its a fight to the death and we must kill them before they kill us. ---------- Post added 26-01-2016 at 15:34 ---------- Not in the form it was in the Roman Empire which is the context of my comment.
  9. Yes, Paganism was wiped out in ancient times. Zoroastrianism was virtually extinguished. The Cathars are another example. There are others.
  10. There is only one thing you need to know about Deash or ISIS or whatever they are called and that is how to kill them. Bomb them back into the stone age, then kill their goat.
  11. What a strange post. Why do I need to give myself credibility? Why do you feel I need to prove anything to you? Americans have always gone there you incipient moron, have you never heard of Ernest Hemingway? Do you not read? The media has been telling you for months that restrictions on travel from the US are to be lifted, clearing the way for many more to visit than ALREADY DO.(they get in via Canada). Is this a difficult concept for you? Snaily Boy come out from under your shell.
  12. A few questions to answer, I went there because I was told that as the US travel restrictions were to be relaxed the place would soon be invaded by marauding yanks and this would be the last time opportunity in its present pure socialist state. If that is true I now feel that the sooner the yanks get there the better, although anyone who flies over Florida to get there must be mad. If you like bathtub booze carcinogenic cigars, and truly lousy food, then go. Regarding Skegness, the place has gone up in my estimation no end as a result of my visit to the socialist paradise.
  13. You could provide evidence of your NI payments.
  14. I did my best. ---------- Post added 25-01-2016 at 17:51 ---------- It always was, thats why Chou en Lai and Mao had Swiss bank accounts. It is however a communist state, no free elections nothing resembling a free press.
  15. Of course you can compare like with like, 70million live in UK and we could if we needed to be self sufficient. 5 million Cubans live on an island about 75% the size of UK and cant farm in an efficient enough manner to feed themselves. The embargo has largely been ignored for the last 20 years to the extent that the US is actually a substantial trading partner. What has Scandinavia got to do with it? My thread is a raving success, I successfully point out the dangers of socialism and the positives of the capitalist system we all benefit from.
  16. There is nothing to go to war about. We live in a prosperous, caring, liberal society that is the envy of the world. If i am wrong why are so many people trying to get here? Think yourself lucky, you have won the lottery of life, you live in England. Better than that, you live in gods county Yorkshire. Oh Happy day.
  17. Socialism always fails.It defies nature. No matter which way you dress it up it doesnt work, Trots, Stalinists, Soc Dems, whichever model you choose, it fails. ---------- Post added 25-01-2016 at 16:11 ---------- I would have paid a high price for a Mcdonalds or a KFC. Tepid slices of non descript "meat" accompanied by various rice concoctions, weak beer and disgusting wine, lousy service included, the worst trip ever. Thank god for capitalism.
  18. Religion is finished. At least organised religion is. Just look at the damage that has been done to humanity by Catholicism, Islam, Judaism etc. Its all rubbish. If you need to talk to god go for a walk somewhere quiet.
  19. How true, nice smoke though. ---------- Post added 25-01-2016 at 14:17 ---------- I was told that in 1963 they had a choice of the Mafia or Castro. In view of what happened to Las Vegas, they should have chosen the mafia.
  20. I have just returned from the socialist paradise of Cuba. 5 million people living on an island 3/4s the size of the UK yet whose agriculture is so undeveloped it has to import most of its food. A doctor to every 150 people. Doctors who earn one 10th of what a taxi driver earns. Transport out of Havana is medieval. Largely horse and cart. If this is what 50 years of socialism has given these poor sods, make sure you vote Tory at every opportunity.
  21. Sorry about the delay in replying, before I address your comments may I point out a couple of things? "fury" should have a capital letter. Also you call me a "Moran" I believe the word you are seeking is moron. That said, I admire your passion, it is only right that illiterates have a cause they can espouse albeit a cause that supports a homophobic sexist loudmouth. As regards black and colored people, so you are in no doubt as to my bona fides, Mayweather is a very talented boxer but a deeply flawed human being. Already he is on the rubber chicken circuit trying to recover some of the money he has blown. Tyson has to some extent redeemed himself but remains a convicted rapist with a deeply disturbed individual. Fury has had the opportunity of representing the travelling community positively, he has failed to do so. He remains a sexist homophobic cretin.
  22. Fury won the fight. Watch it again with the sound off and score it, Fury won. This begs the question, how and why. I believe the old champion was showing his age, he has a great record and is still a good boxer, but there comes a time when father time catches up. Fury is big, awkward and believed he could win. Klitscho has represented his country politically, backs positive causes. Will contribute throughout his life. Fury is a homophobic sexist moron. Once he loses, he will lose in 2016, he should hitch up his caravan and get back to tarmacing. What he send about Jess Ennis is unforgiveable.
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