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  1. Morning Everyone, Hope it's okay for me to post this on this forum. As it's quite a specialised area I thought this would be the best place. I have 6 bags of raw Herdwick Fleece for sale. Herdwick are the little sheep you see roaming the hills in the Lake District. There's 6 bags with over 1.5 kg of fleece per bag. It will need cleaning but it's pretty clean anyway so isn't that messy. I wouldn't recommend it for spinning as the length is quite short but it's good for wet and needle felting. It's been kept in the greenhouse over the summer so some bits have faded but that doesn't really affect the colour too much. There's a mixture of browns, greys and whites. It's either £3 a bag or £15 for the lot. There's nothing wrong with it I just have too much!! PM me if interested, collection from S9 please :-)
  2. Anyone know of any community allotments nr Brightside? Really interested in joining a local group. Thanks:)
  3. Looking for a really good vegetarian restaurant. Any suggestions welcome
  4. Anyone know of any yoga classes nr Meadowhall - thanks
  5. Anyone recommend a good vegetarian restaurant in Sheffield?
  6. My daughter is looking for a pair of baby rats. I've not been impressed our local pet shop's knowledge and wondered if anyone could recommend a local breeder I could contact. Thank you
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