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  1. I'd join you but I rarely drink nowadays and when I do its rum. On the change.org page I expected to sign / give email or something but even with JS enabled I see noffin...
  2. You're not born with common sense! How many times did you say "no" or "be careful" to your children?
  3. Do you realise how many people a day die in this country alone! Get a grip yourself...
  4. Its not an Islamic issue in that sense, its a religion issue. People who believe this horse-c*** will do whatever their religious leaders tell them too, and as usual manipulative people have risen to the top and are abusing their power. Just like the Catholics were selling prayers for dead relatives, priests were raping children in their care, etc even tzars lording over Russian peasants, give anyone too much power and it corrupts. Democracy is the only way. The only positive thing about this thing with Trump is, he's broken the government / media cover up of pretending nothings wrong and that all Muslims are lovely. Its opened debate that many are wanting. The debate and truth needs to happen because the governments / press / Islam are accusing anyone who speaks out as racists (when have you heard extremist Muslims called racists on TV?), this just alienates them and makes things worse, and it'll only get worse until its all open, or it'll blow, like in Germany, the police daren't do anything so the people are. Look at Rotherham, the police knew what was going on, but they were told to appease Muslims and turn a blind eye to keep the peace at any cost, not just the police in fact, politicians and social workers too. Also, recently the Rotherham Muslim community basically accused the police of a witch hunt and refused to cooperate, they use the threat of being accused of being a racist as a weapon against us, they're dictating policy to everyone even whilst they continue to let the extremists carry on.
  5. They all form part of a system, even the dispensing pharmacist if dicing with death if they prescribe the wrong drugs, etc, etc... That's an assumption on your behalf, how incorrect you are! Even worse you have the audacity and where with all to tell me what I think and try to force it on me. Yup you sound like some slave owning snob, you should be ashamed of yourself!
  6. Do you deal with life threatening situations where you are responsible. You are aware ("proper") Doctors have to pay for their own insurance? So, forced to work long hours but still save lives and if not they have to defend themselves!
  7. I'm guessing she gave you a brain to think for yourself too? Use it instead of reading us scripture and verse!
  8. Muslim extremists created this mess, we got involved! A solution, let the Muslim extremists kill each other (and the peaceful Muslims there) and we keep out of it, NOT!!!
  9. Oi, junior Doc's, are you listening, 100% behind you!
  10. Yeah it was straight after Merkel wagged her magic finger admitting she had gotit wrong... I didn't realise it was 600...
  11. Brilliant, that's 3 years after Conservative took power and it also states that it was the lowest since records began. ---------- Post added 14-01-2016 at 21:21 ---------- I might of even voted for David, but that's the Alternative Voting System for you. David won round 1, round 2 and round 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Party_%28UK%29_leadership_election,_2010#Results
  12. Something like 53%, you can go fetch though... Yes, the gold price is publicly available everywhere, but then again I'm into machine learning and always looking for interesting data sets. I also said it at the time, not just in hind-sight. Any which way, sell such an asset was never a good idea and messed up later when it came to us having assets. Just like school playing fields and all the other publicly owned buildings they sold off for quick cash to please the red masses.
  13. As stated in the thread OP, that's their own report on themselves.
  14. Not quite right, Gordon sold all the gold at stupid prices, then they spent spent spent and had nothing when it rained. Why does no-one ever link the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to playing a part in the crash? Like now, we're getting out of massive repayments, yet we still can afford to go to Syria. EDIT: Also over 50% of the working population was employed in the public sector,which wasn't sustainable financially.
  15. I'll only sing bits, but I wouldn't then sing Red Flag instead. Notice how the video is from Russian (ex-)state television using it as a propaganda coup.
  16. And it may help if you were less biased, and rude, you ain't no saint and go further than me in the rudeness department. I know my history kid, even about you.
  17. That logic is twisted if it was justified. Also, still only blaming the West for the mess of the Middle Eastern Muslim countries. ---------- Post added 14-01-2016 at 16:23 ---------- Helped create, or tried to help solve after being asked, and attacked. I'm all for helping refugees, personally I think its better for them to stay and help sort the country out with our assistance, its their country and if all the good people leave then its only going to get worse and only contain bad people. Also, the issue is many so called refugees aren't refugees. And then there are the customs, I'm not talking about basic peaceful religious customs, I'm talking about ***** who think throwing bricks at moving cars will get them what they want, those who believe mass rape is ok, etc... As you say, why is it an issue simply because it was a bus load of children: a) should we be any more bothered if there are children in the sinking refugee boats, YES b) every single incident is an atrocious attempted murder, but with so much mayhem going on in the world, its an indictment on society that only stories about children are still shocking. Reading the paper today I must have read about 5 bombings on clearly innocent people.
  18. But all those were in reality caused by despicable tyrants ruling under the guise of religion. Also in each circumstance we were taking asylum seekers fleeing for their lives, begging us to do something about it, and why wouldn't we want to help such people in distress. The asylum seekers were / are Muslims being persecuted by other Muslims, yet somehow by trying to help everyone gets blamed except the perpetrators.
  19. Are you still denying that you're a communist?
  20. There's quite a bit of the NHS which is already privatised. Mainly started under Labour, less so under Conservative but they are still finding these cost savings by using private companies.
  21. Yet, the majority of the posters on this thread disagree with you, and judging by your views its not me who's the idiot, you're the one with the bias for playing down serious criminal acts, but I can't help the way you were brought up.
  22. She only actually contributed in the end, just to cover themselves from being a blatant flamer.
  23. That sentence doesn't even make sense... I see its a rant though, annoyed with what you started, did you score points?
  24. If you're talking wifi, then there are only so many channels and most routers are fixed to one at a time. So if all your neighbours are on the same channel then you are all sharing the same radio broadcast frequency.
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