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  1. I’m late to the party too (was appointed Data Protection Officer on Friday!). I’ve looked for local courses which seem to be in the £hundreds, but did come across a free online course to give the basics. It starts 7th May. I’ll check the details and post them on Monday if it would be of interest.
  2. We’ve just gone with the ‘Insurance Emporium’ for our Pointer. We’ve got a ‘whole of life policy’ meaning we can claim for the same problem should it recurr over and over. We’ve got a £75 excess and pay £12 per month. Pretty happy with the service so far!
  3. My boys (5 & 9) made two boxes and we dropped them off at the Yellow Storage Company on Penistone Road. The 5 year old was desperate to put his pet goldfish in his box so the recipient had a friend!
  4. I'd be interested in this too. Anyone??
  5. Thanks VWkittie. This is the link to the old advert on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/golf-mk1-golf-karmann-clipper-1.8/1172811005. We've got a T5 now, but miss my Golf so much!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I've joined some VW forums today and posted on twitter. I'll try the V888 tomorrow. Much appreciated!
  7. I'm after some suggestions as to how I could trace an old car we used to own. I'd love to buy it back. I've managed to locate an old Gumtree advert where it was sold last year, but there are no contact details on the advert as it ended. Any ideas? I've tried twitter. If it helps, it's a VW Golf Clipper Cabriolet Mark 1. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks
  8. Hi, Posting on behalf of a friend, she needs a wedding photographer for Saturday 29th July for a church wedding at Stannington, followed by a reception at WHITLEY Hall. Is anyone available?
  9. I bought a couple yesterday from Langlands nursery off Loxley Road, S6
  10. I'm totally swamped with this one. We're a hard working family, have a 'medium' income, two children and believe in paying our own way. Which way do we turn? Having read all the manifesto promises, which way do we turn?
  11. Hi UK1Quest, Did you uncover any good networking events? I'm about to start a small business too, so thought I'd get myself out there!
  12. Dunelm sell big blocks of upholstery foam.
  13. I asked Bakewell Show Ground via Facebook if it was run by the same people as the disaster that was the Superhero Weekend and they assured me it wasn't. However, looking at photos and talking to a friend who visited, it looks exactly the same!
  14. I know this thread is old, but does anyone know of places needing old towels? Seems a shame to throw them out and I can drop off. Thanks
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