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  1. * Humour removed from post* No I haven't and no I wouldn't. If anyone else likes the thought of attending a hologram concert I hope they enjoy it, sounds interesting at least, something different.
  2. Hey guys, I watched an old episode of Only Fools last night(the one with the singer who can't pronounce his r's) and it just got me thinking about how there doesn't really seem to be any really popular British sitcoms any more. I remember as a kid sitting down with the family and watching Del and Rodney finally become millionaires in Only Fools, Basil Fawlty giving his car the "thrashing of a lifetime" with a tree branch and Frank Spencer roller skating down the road unable to stop. Now I'm an adult it seems like I'll never have these moments with my kids because there are no more epic unmissable sitcoms being produced in this country. For me personally, the best sitcoms these days seem to come from the USA (shudder, I never thought I'd be writing that one day) such as the Big Bang Theory. Also modern British sitcoms seem unable to introduce any truly iconic characters for audiences to care about and follow weekly such as a Derrick Trotter or a Victor Meldrew. So what do you think? Do you think there are no more great British sitcoms anymore or do you think there are but having more TV channels plus internet etc means audiences have more choice and prevent new shows from building up a following? Or maybe you think I'm wrong and British sitcoms are doing fine (admittedly I'm no TV addict so there may be shows I'm unaware of). I have included a poll, my pick would be Only Fools, with the Office a close second (not that I'm trying to influence the vote). And as I'm not yet 3 decades old myself, I've only included options from the last 30 years, sorry if I'm making anyone feel old.
  3. Hey guys, just wondering does anyone here watch or follow the sport of Mixed Martial Arts? I'm sure many people will have heard of MMA and inparticular the UFC. I just wanted to get other posters views on just where MMA stands in the sporting world, particularly in the UK. Do you think it's a sport for the future and could one day rival the likes of rugby and cricket (I think overtaking football is pushing it)? Or do you think MMA will never go mainstream and catch on in this country? I think boxing's popularity is slowly dwindling due to the multitude of titles and weight classes and the lack of big personalities and a few years back I thought we would start to see MMA transition into the UK's top combat sport but to me it looks like this transition hasn't even really begun. In countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil and even China and Sweden lately, the UFC's rise in popularity is growing but it just seems in this country there is no general awareness of MMA or the UFC brand. The UFC receives no mainstream media attention, even UFC events are only broadcast in the wee hours on BT Sports, with Viva sporadically airing Bellator mma events and 5* airing Bamma events. So what are your thoughts on the subject? Do you think MMA will start to become more prevalent in the UK within the coming years? Do you think it will ever be anything more than a specialist sport for a small audience of hardcore fans? Maybe you think the biggest obstacle to MMA's rise in UK popularity is the fact that the UK does not have a major marketable MMA personality like Ireland's recent firebrand export Connor McGregor. Or just maybe you've seen a few highlights of the UFC and you think MMA is barbaric and will never garner any positive media attention here in the UK. Any thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.
  4. I think milkmen went the way of the dinosaur and smallpox, that is to say they are no more. In 30 years time you'll be able to go to a museum and see fossilised milkmen. If you do ever hear something stirring in the dark hours of the morning, perhaps a jingling of glass bottles, then grab your video camera and creep outside. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the elusive creamy creeper, rattling around in the wee hours like some kind of mythical yeti. Just don't scare him or he'll be on his magical milk float and speed down the road at 5mph like a clanging white dairy rocket. Me and a small group of volunteers have gone on many milkman patrols in the early hours, when most are still tucked up in bed dreaming of Yorkshire puddings, armed only with cameras and tranquillisers and the steely fire in our bellies just hoping to be one of the rare few to catch a glimpse of this mythical beast but, alas, so far my mortal eyes be not worthy of such an honour.
  5. I remember seeing a scene in Tom and Jerry some years back in which Tom destroys the house, the house collapses and Tom emerges from the rubble with his face blackened by coal from the coal cellar (and if I remember correctly he also for some reason had bigger than usual brown lips like a few stereotypical black cartoon characters) just as the black lady Mama returns. She says to Tom "have you seen a cat around here?" Tom replies "no ma'm, I ain't seen no cat, no way, no how" spoken in the kind of accent you'd expect from a black character. Whether this is racist or not I don't know, I personally don't find it offensive but I suppose I could see why some black people would. This is the only example of supposed racism I've seen in Tom and Jerry and upon subsequent viewing on Cartoon Network this scene was edited out of reruns of the episode. Like someone mentioned above, apart from being scared of mice, the black lady seems like a strong character. She keeps her house in check and certainly demands Toms respect.
  6. There are a lot of different tasty healthy foods out there. You don't have to try and survive on chicken salad and rice and just the basics, I personally don't think its good for you and I think most people would get bored with that. Eat healthy foods that you enjoy the taste of, don't let your diet became monotonous. Eating right used to be my biggest problem too, I knew what foods were a good source of protein and what foods were low in fat but I didn't know or understand anything else about what I should be eating. Its crazy, I remember when I was 21 I was just taking a banana and a tin of tuna to work because I thought all I needed was the tuna for protein and the banana for carbs and I would try to eat to that extreme all day long but its just not sustainable or healthy. By evening I would be shaking from hunger but I though it was just a matter of willpower so I'd still force myself to workout. Not good, but I didn't know any better. Now I like to eat many different varieties of food and I'm not scared to eat carbs or take in a little fat. There are many different tasty varieties of fruit and vegetables, don't just stick to one or two types. There's some tasty brands of rice cakes out there; cheese flavour, barbecue flavour. Same with cereal bars, many different types and brands. Usually for dinner at work now I'll have either a tuna Mayo sandwich, a pre-packed tuna meal or some chicken breast strips. I'll also usually have 2 or 3 different pieces of fruit, 3 or 4 rice cakes, maybe a cereal bar. Everybodies different but it works for me, keeps me full and keeps away cravings and provides plenty of energy. It might not be lean food like chicken salad but its still good healthy food and better for you than chips and burger so I don't worry about it. In the evening I pretty much eat what I feel like within reason. If I want chicken, fruit and a few rice cakes again I'll have that. If I want chicken curry and rice with naan bread I'll have that. I find it helps to not try and obsess over weight loss. I find its better to go as long as you can without weighing yourself because you'll see a bigger loss. Try to set a date not too far away to get weighed such as in two weeks rather than getting weighed everyday or two. You could try using a tape measure around your waist to record fat loss it might be a good indicator of fat loss as your weight may be steady due to increasing muscle mass and tone. Losing weight takes a lot of time, especially if you're doing it the right way and not just looking for a quick solution. Be prepared for a long term fight and don't get too frustrated if you don't see results straight away.
  7. Not sure they're classed as zombie films; Lamberto Bava's Demons and Demons 2. Really scared me as a kid, two of those movies where you think to yourself "if this was real, what would I do?... There'd be nothing I could do..."
  8. I haven't used protein shakes for years, I like to get all my protein from food such as chicken, tuna, fish etc. If you are using protein shakes then the most important time to take a shake is after your weights training preferably within 45 minutes after. Everyone has different health goals, I don't want to be bulky like a body builder that's why I don't bother with shakes but if your goal is to build some serious muscle (and bear in mind the more muscle you have the faster you metabolise fat) then you need to take in a lot of protein. I wouldn't rely too much on shakes though maybe one after workout and one mid morning with a snack. Though I don't take shakes I do use creatine. As with all supplements there are people who don't believe in its effects but from my own personal experience it works and is great for boosting muscle growth, aiding in recovery and providing muscle stamina and energy. And make sure you're eating right and regularly. You should be eating every 2-3 hours.
  9. Most people who are trying to gain muscle mass usually follow a set workout routine where they train different body parts on different days, ie; Monday- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Wednesday- Legs Saturday- Back, Biceps, something along those lines for gaining muscle. Just going for a 25 minute run at a steady pace is cardio and will burn calories and fat and will be beneficial to your fat loss goals but to really burn fat I think you'd get more benefit from doing shorter cardio workouts at a high intensity. This is really good for getting your heart pumping and burning body fat and will also boost your metabolism meaning your body will be burning off calories a lot faster throughout the day even when you're resting. Some good examples of high intensity cardio workouts are; * Sprints- You could go for a run but instead of running at the same speed you sprint at full pace for a set distance then slow down to a jog then sprint etc. How far/long you jog/sprint is up to you. You can count steps (sprint for 20 steps, jog for 30 steps), you can use some kind of marker, I used to use lampposts, sprint when I reached one lamppost, jog when I reached the other. * Stair runs- Lately I've found running my stairs very beneficial, there's no messing about travelling to the gym and its free. Basically I have your standard 14 stairs at home, I sprint to the top as fast and powerful as I can then walk back down and repeat 10 times. Rest for 2 minutes then repeat 9 times, rest, repeat 8 times etc until I get down to 5 sets. Nothing gets my heart pumping as much as this workout. Just don't fall down them, I don't want to get sued. *Circuit training- Again can be done at home, the idea is to do one exercise then immediately transition to another exercise without rest until you've completed your circuit of a set amount of exercises, I do about 15 different exercises for 3 circuits. There should be plenty of websites with examples of different circuits. For example I have mine written down, off the top of my head I think it begins shoulder press with light dumbbells x 30, squats x 25, dumbbell chest press x 25, squat thrusts x 16, sit ups x 20, press ups x 22, squat thrusts x 12 reps, shadow box for 1minute, etc until I've performed about 16 exercise then rest for 2 minutes then perform another circuit this time decreasing the reps slightly. * Hill Running- Simply running up a hill set at a decent incline is a good workout. Run up as fast as you can, walk or jog down then repeat however many times you want. Definitely take in protein while you are trying to lose body fat or there's a chance you'll be burning off muscle as well as fat, you need the protein to maintain your muscle but also don't be afraid to take in good carbs too. Don't ever try and starve yourself to lose weight its not worth it. Losing body fat takes time, nobody likes to hear that but its true. And don't be afraid to experiment and use your imagination when it comes to your workouts. Experiment with weights and different exercises at home, just because something not a conventional exercise and you haven't seen it in a book or magazine doesn't mean it doesn't work, judge it by how your body responds to it. Sorry for the long post, whoever reads it all give yourself a pat on the back.
  10. Its crazy what people can do when they put their mind to it. I keep fit and run and enjoy long walks but I think if I even attempted to run for 2 hours at that pace my legs would drop off and my lungs would collapse into mush.
  11. I pity the men with many wives. I envy the men with many shoes.
  12. Every time there's a new message on this thread I get an e-mail notification titled "Little girls naked...". I'm just saying...
  13. I like what they do in Nordic countries where the sons surname comes from his own fathers first name, for example if your fathers first name is Gustaf then your surname would be Gustafsson. I forget how it works for girls whether they take their father or mothers name, I think maybe Gustasdottir or something like that. Maybe one day this double barrelled name problem will spiral out of control and future generations will have no alternative than to get rid of names altogether and everyone will just have a number; Mr 3975600245. "I am a man, not a number!"
  14. When I was younger I always fell prey to chuggers. I always used to allow myself to fall victim and have to stand there for 10 minutes while these chuggers go into automated robot mode rattling off various bullet points and facts ingrained into their brains. I even had one chase me down the moor when I refused to stop, though I did stop eventually as she was quite attractive, I'm only human after all. Nowadays I just say no or "sorry I'm in a rush" that usually works. About a year ago I had one bloke down city centre who wouldn't take no for an answer, just wanted a "small donation". When I said no he asked why, I replied "actually I've got quite a bit of debt, perhaps you could help me out with a small donation?" I couldn't see him for dust, he did a Road Runner down the street so maybe try that line next time.
  15. When my uncle ran naked through there they didn't even give him the option of re-clothing they just handcuffed him and took him away. Mind you he was 41 and screaming something about serpents stealing his mail. I've seen kids before running through the fountains in their underwear. I know kids will be kids but at the same time Peace Gardens is home to a few dodgy characters, I got propositioned myself onetime by a young lady who was obviously on drugs. 3 or 4 year olds running about in their underwear, it might make some people uncomfortable but at that age its at the discretion of their parents. Young children should be worried more about enjoying their childhood than about unsavoury characters.
  16. Some tattoos can be quite useful; my cousin has a shopping list tattooed on her upper arm "bread, toilet roll, Beano" and 3 or 4 other items. When she goes shopping she just ticks off each item, really very clever. I was thinking of getting a tattoo of a map to Bridlington on my leg to make future travels a lot less hassle. Attractive? Not so much. Practical? Yes.
  17. The closest I come to watching a supernatural TV show is watching Scooby-Doo.
  18. I would have been fussy with them on purpose just to wind them up, like once they'd cut half my hair I'd say "nope, sorry but I don't like that, start again" then they'd have to pick up all my hair and glue it back onto my head. Once they'd glued it all back on I'd say "actually I've changed my mind, I don't want a haircut, goodbye" and walk out leaving them standing there mouth agape.
  19. Maybe the driver was just bitter about them singing because he made a failed attempt at a singing career when he was younger and they brought back painful memories. Like maybe he had a verbal bashing from Simon Cowell. Poor guy. I wish I could send him some flowers.
  20. 33 months for piracy!? That's what's wrong with this country today, too bloody soft!? What about all his victims? He should at least have to give back some of his treasure or be made to walk the plank. Why do pirates always have a parrot on their shoulder anyway? Have you noticed its never the apprentice pirates its always the captain with the parrot on his shoulder whispering commands into his ear yet no one catches on that the parrot is really the mastermind calling all the shots like some kind of feathered führer. Well I caught on... I caught on big time.
  21. I hate brushing my teeth but understand it must be done to keep teeth healthy and clean and maintain good oral hygiene, that's why whenever I brush my teeth I immediately reward myself with a dairy milk chocolate bar.
  22. I had this problem too. I used my brain to come up with an ingenious solution. I put my food in the microwave then put the microwave in the oven. Worked like a charm at first the only problem was after 3 times the microwave melted. So I'm now having to heat up my food using a magnifying glass or sitting on it for a few hours like a giant chicken until I can afford another microwave. Hope this helps.
  23. Why did they call him Jack anyway? That just sheds a bad light on anyone called Jack! Why didn't they call him the 'Anonymous Ripper' or just 'Mr Ripper' if they were sure it was a man. And that's another thing, why the bloody hell do they just presume its a man? How do they know it wasn't some kind of goat or pelican. Seems to me they presumed a lot back in those days instead of doing a little more police work. No wonder they never caught Jack the Ripper, Robin Hood, the Black Death or Captain Hook.
  24. I had a spider in my house the other night, just hanging around, said his name was Anthony. I didn't see him at first on the ceiling as I was busy ironing my pencil case, anyway, I jumped out of my skin when I first saw him, he was massive, big burly looking bloke, tattoos on all eight arms. We got talking and he was actually a pretty decent chap, appearances can be deceptive. He said he used to live in Leeds but moved here a few month back when he got made redundant. We had a slice of toast then we said our goodbyes and he left, must of been about 8.35pm ish. Nice guy. If he's on here reading this all the best mate, keep in touch.
  25. I don't like rules. The only rule I ever liked was "close the door after you". That was a clever rule, stopped wilderbeasts and the like running amok through ones house. In regards to the qutar women wearing hijabs I don't see the problem as long as the other team are allowed to take advantage by pulling the hijabs down to cover the eyes of the Qatar ladies, this would make the game much more interesting. Also every member of the team should have their legs tied to one other teammate like in a 3 legged race. Also every player should be supplied with a water pistol. Please lobby your local mp in regards to the rule changes I have suggested, they would make the game much more interesting.
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