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  1. Thank you, that's very true and great advice, i am more determind to do this now than ever, other half split with me at the weekend so revenge body on its way lol
  2. At weekends i am quite active with walking we do between 10 and 30k each weekend depending on if im working or not and that each saturday and sunday
  3. I think that is my issue along with the other half going on about me not doing any exercise, he works for himself and easily fits in walking the dogs (approx 10k a day) goes climbing and chills when he needs to where as i am in an office 40hrs a week and its stressful so the last thing i want to do is hit the gym I've just spoken to the guys at pure gym and its all private hire of PT's, the ones ive spoken to wont do anything unless its twice a week and i cant afford that
  4. hi, thank you, i will have a look, its a long road but i am determined to get fit
  5. Hi, I am looking for different ways to get fit and lose weight, I have tried a few times but i now need to focus, i have a massive year ahead of me and i need to be healthy and fit. I have spoken to a couple of Personal Trainers and as money is quite tight they have made it quite clear they are not interested ( i wanted to do 1 session per month with them and have a routine i can do at the gym or home for the month till my next appointment) Does anyone here have an ideas of what i can do to get this moving. Thanks
  6. I've seen the Addi Machine's and the chidrens ones, is there anywhere locally to pick one up? preferably the childrens one in large as there cheaper so i can have a practice rather than splash the cash from the start Thanks Jane
  7. Richard Thompson Senior Mortgage and Protection Adviser Gleadless tel: 01142 646302 fax: 01142 531809 e-mail: Richard.Thompson@justmortgages.co.uk
  8. If there due to come today i would ring them and ask if they can give you a time or if you can contact the people doing the job, that way they have a record that your stayingin to wait for the service to be done, failing that ring every hour asking where they are
  9. I take it its a council property you live in? Have the council said when they are going to service your gas? I think it used to be once a year when i was a council tennant
  10. I have been to a couple of shows that Krystalites have put on and there amazing, can't wait for this one
  11. We are going to Scotland in September for 9 days and I'm looking for either a Van or Motorhome/camper to hire but there all so expensive, Anyone any recommendations? Thanks
  12. I can recommend Chiara, i train with her and she is so good and so supportive
  13. Glad i saw this thread although its an old one, I'm looking to change completely but i dont know what to go in to, I want something that gives me control over my working hours and ive thought about the beauty industry but is the market already flooded out there?
  14. I have a friend who lives rents a room with me, they get the same as your offering but i charge £80 a week but the housing benefit pay about £7-8 less per week but you can charge up to £94 i think
  15. I go there, recently decided to get fit. I like it and ive never been a fan of gyms, when they move its going to be massive by the look of the new building
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