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  1. I've seen the Addi Machine's and the chidrens ones, is there anywhere locally to pick one up? preferably the childrens one in large as there cheaper so i can have a practice rather than splash the cash from the start Thanks Jane
  2. Richard Thompson Senior Mortgage and Protection Adviser Gleadless tel: 01142 646302 fax: 01142 531809 e-mail: Richard.Thompson@justmortgages.co.uk
  3. If there due to come today i would ring them and ask if they can give you a time or if you can contact the people doing the job, that way they have a record that your stayingin to wait for the service to be done, failing that ring every hour asking where they are
  4. I take it its a council property you live in? Have the council said when they are going to service your gas? I think it used to be once a year when i was a council tennant
  5. I have been to a couple of shows that Krystalites have put on and there amazing, can't wait for this one
  6. We are going to Scotland in September for 9 days and I'm looking for either a Van or Motorhome/camper to hire but there all so expensive, Anyone any recommendations? Thanks
  7. I can recommend Chiara, i train with her and she is so good and so supportive
  8. Glad i saw this thread although its an old one, I'm looking to change completely but i dont know what to go in to, I want something that gives me control over my working hours and ive thought about the beauty industry but is the market already flooded out there?
  9. I have a friend who lives rents a room with me, they get the same as your offering but i charge £80 a week but the housing benefit pay about £7-8 less per week but you can charge up to £94 i think
  10. jane91

    Pure Gym (Millhouses)

    I go there, recently decided to get fit. I like it and ive never been a fan of gyms, when they move its going to be massive by the look of the new building
  11. jane91

    Six weeks to write a novel

    i've joined
  12. jane91

    Spice in Sheffield.

    Its a "legal high" i watched a program on Prison last night and they had a major issue with Spice. Drugs in general are difficult to handle and sort out any situation from Alcohol to the harder drugs like heroin The users do need help but it only works if they really want the help and really want to come off but unfortunately its rare to see an addict come clean and stay clean. (my brother has tried and tried for years to stay clean and although he makes it for so long he falls back into the trap) I am normally totally anti illegal drugs but maybe if there was a change in the law for legal cannabis and cafes like in Amsterdam things could change, No guarantees obviously but going on the program last night spice user's are putting themselves at risk
  13. jane91

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    Does anyone know if Aldi opened yesterday?
  14. Hi, I'm not looking to promote anything but wondered where you would buy your Garden Ornaments from? Would you be more likely to be Online/Carboot/Ebay??
  15. jane91

    Alternative Therapy Poll

    It is something that I was interested in and finding out peoples opinions but choose the 3 I did as a starting point

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