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  1. Better late than never, Tommo68. Hope you haven't incurred too much debt in the time it took you to work this out.
  2. Are banks fit for purpose? Of course they are. They may not be fit for your purpose, davyboy. I would suggest that your purpose is not inline with that of the bank's.
  3. The list of fabric shops in Sheffield is exhausted, piskeymax. End of chat.
  4. They have all been mentioned. If there aren't enough for you, open your own, look to another city, or start your own thread about the "lack" of fabric shops in Sheffield (good luck with that, there are clearly sufficient) End of chat.
  5. Quite. The Ebola outbreak has now been declared an "International Emergency". Thought you all should know.
  6. Hi, TimmyR - do you want me to not bother posting, or to answer your question? You seem confused.
  7. Fabric Warehouse on St Marys Gate, probably the best selection in Sheffield. End of chat.
  8. I haven't read the entire thread, I find cycling quite boring. However, I have observed that the cycling craze has died down since the TDF, that's probably a good thing - judging by the post above, it's mug's game.
  9. I don't think there was any call for his swearing.
  10. It's looking that way. Latest reports state that they are struggling to contain the outbreak.
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