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  1. I have a caravan at witherseasands,,,site fees £277p/m through bad health I am having to sell my 8berth 12ft/36ft if any one ,cost £40.000 bot would accept £15000 ono
  2. I can assure you both letters were genuine,I did continue to pay rent, notified them of time period I would be away and return dateT whole point of my post was to show their stupidity, I did not make all this up just for amusement.I moved into a flat, there was no top on one of the bath taps i ,asked housing to fix as a result I had eighteen visits from repairs to put a Washer on the tap, no top for a whole year I was turning tap on with a pair of pliers I suppose you think that was a lie toohow dare you
  3. please can anyone tell me what's happened to Betty Vickers? I know Les died but what Betty has done now also Christine and Barry
  4. o Syria, and join ISIS just wondering if you call yourself Joker because you are supposed to be humerous? ---------- Post added 20-09-2015 at 19:42 ---------- hard to have the attitude you suggest when you have been mugged,burgled, heard 8yr old kids using foulest language,at the ripe old age of 67,one of reasons left Sheffield. have lived in hull now for 7yrs and have never felt safer ---------- Post added 20-09-2015 at 19:57 ---------- you ask "what am I supposed to do",,you could try to keep your inane opinions to yourself but please don't resort to that ,for our sake, we all get so much amusement from your posts
  5. o So sorry did not realise subject was an old one,or to following quote,some of us can't afford to own our own homes , hence the need for council accommodation,I suggest you both try to develop a sense of humour, or are you so desperate to attract notice you have to resort to spite
  6. I have no problem getting a delivery, I now live in Hull, however I do have one with what they deliver No matter what dog food I order, they never send it, my 2 Chihuahuas, are not fussy eaters, they eat what I eat including salad ,rice, pasta veggies,it's only dog food they don't like except Asda's own brand lamb and chicken in jelly or turkey and chicken in jelly, they refuse any other. No matter that I put same on every order ,I have yet to get any. I have contacted all of their stores here, all 4 of them, head office, no joy. They only send online orders from one store ,this has been going on over a yearand if it's not on the shelves they substitute.I point out that it does not say that on the i9nvoice,at least there it gets it right, and surely they have some in a stock room, but they won't budge
  7. I believe it's Europe,people used to talk about "going on a continental tour "when they were going to France for eg
  8. you'll be one yourself one day,we have a right to shop as often as we like,where we like and where we like ---------- Post added 17-09-2015 at 22:46 ---------- Whats to promote about Sheffield anyway. It has lost all it's character, all metal and concrete now. We used to have some wonderful old cobble stone areas, historic buildings etc,it had a lot of charm,it's soulless now,miss it but glad I left ,makes me so upset to see it now when I visit
  9. must tell you all about 2 letters from housing, showing just how stupid they are. I went on to see my brother in Australia who was very ill,I was gone for 2mnths. When I returned there was a letter from housing, posted 2 days after I left, it read, now that you have emigrated to Australia,please arrange to call at your local housing office to terminate your tenancy and return keys to us ---------- Post added 17-09-2015 at 22:15 ---------- There was an even more stupid one which my next door neighbour's son showed me a week after his Mum died,that read, Now that you are deceased,we have no choice but to terminate your tenancy.Please return keys your local housing office. Unbelievable I know, but genuine,I still have the letters and they always get a laugh when people see them
  10. I went to gwen wilkins when she had a class at the bottom of Howard street 1950 ---------- Post added 03-08-2015 at 21:35 ---------- I was in a show called Starlets of Steelopolis, we were all chosen from all Sheffield dance schools and toured all over Yorkshire.r it?I was at CONNIE Grants at the time. Later I also went to Frank Whites ballroom classes on Woodseats
  11. sorry none of you liked my tip. I have chronic arthritis in my hands so find this method easier,
  12. a tale of woe, my late husband owned a chevy corvet Stingray he sold it for £20,00/ to a guy from London. the guy stopped just before getting on motorway to get some cigs, a lorry went out of control and the car was crushed!. He rang us to tell us and all he was upset about was not being able to drive it on motorway, not his £20,000 cash
  13. have you looked at mine for 2015?
  14. red wine gravy, spaghetti Bolognese ,chicken chasseur, coq au vin braised beef and yorkies stew all of these between large gulps of the stuff Ialways cook with wine and sometimes add it to the cooking ---------- Post added 30-04-2015 at 18:38 ---------- don't forget you can use white as well, a lovely fish recipe, for a special meal , poach any white fish in white wine, remove fish and keep warm, add tin of smoked oyster to pan, add seasoning and half a carton of fresh cream, stir gently till heated through and pour over fish. I cooked this for some friends and when I I took plates to kitchen, I could hear clattering from dining room, they were all scooping up remaining sauce from serving dish
  15. my mum was a professional chef and she always said buy the best you can, they last longer and work better, that goes for all kitchen utensils and equipment. Another of her favourite saying was ,clean as you go, don't make one mess on top of another ,never wash cooking trays out, wipe with greaseproof or nowadays kitchen roll washing takes away surface and causes them to stick.
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