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  1. Air B n B - great idea - thanks Can't do Greece though - already got flights!
  2. Does anyone here have an apartment or small villa in Spain within driving distance of Malaga they would like to rent out in May for a week?
  3. Hi, I wanted to write a quick post about my friend, Adam Taylor's, running group in Sheffield as it's a really nice group and I don't think many people know about it. It's a running coach lead group for beginners, intermediates and improvers and has a combination of different sessions designed to improve fitness, improve technique, and is a great social activity. The group meets on Mondays at Meadowhead (7:00pm inside Meadowhead Physiotherapy), Mondays at Western Park (5:45pm outside the museum entrance), and Thursdays in Dore (7:15pm inside the HSBC branch on Causeway Head Road) Sessions are £3 and there is no need to book in advance - just turn up! More info here
  4. I've just hired a new developer who will be starting with us in January and for the first month or so, while he beds in, I thought I might give him something fun to do. So, has anyone got a great idea for an app or website they would like to see become reality? Commercial or free, doesn't matter! (Obviously, we'd negotiate royalties or commission if it became something that generates cash) Reply here or PM me if you prefer. (Note: we have in-house native French and English languages if that is of interest for your idea)
  5. Thanks, yes I'm going get it checked out but it's just a case of finding somewhere nearby that specialises in car air con.
  6. Thanks for that - do you know what air con gas smells like?
  7. Yes, it's a difficult one to demonstrate. I've had other people in the car who have smelt it which is a sanity check for me and means I'm not imagining it!
  8. There is a problem with my car's air conditioning system and I wondered if anyone here might be able to help me diagnose it? When I turn the air con on, it's normally fine for about 5 to 10 minutes but then it starts blowing out a weird chemical-type smell. I can't really describe it as it's not like anything I've smelt before! So I turn the air con off and leave it for a minute and then again after about 5 to 10 minutes it starts smelling again. The car's less than two years old but the garage say they can't find a fault (I don't think they believe there is a problem so I don't think they've even looked). Last year when I reported the problem to them, they changed the filter and disinfected the system but it didn't fix the problem. Anyone any idea what it might be? Thanks
  9. According to the grapevine, they had a 3 year agreement for half-price on the lease which ran out so they shut down. I actually used to use them a lot - very convenient and the prices were OK so it was a shame when they shut. Yes, it would be great to have a new off licence there. And yes, as people have said earlier, local specialist beers would be good too (there is a place on Archer Road like this but it's a bit out of the way and parking is a problem) You should also focus on the bread-and-butter booze too - gin, vodka, whisky, cheap decent wines, and lagers.
  10. It's not necessarily down to a shared server, it's down to having too many other sites on the same server. Many people cut costs on the hosting as they don't understand the importance of quality hosting. When the penny drops, they go the opposite direction and spend a fortune of over-the-top hosting. most on-line businesses will be fine with mid-cost hosting. My advice, however, is avoid the big companies. Their budget hosting is always poor quality from my experience. How to pick a good company? Test their technical support before you move. They might be great on the sales line but you need to know how they treat their ongoing customers. This, in my experience, is a very good way of finding out how good their general approach to hosting will be in advance. Also, moving away from 123-reg isn't necessarily going to be a difficult thing to do so I would strongly recommend thinking about that as an option!
  11. This is a very big question. The short answer is to focus on lots of good quality relevant content on your site - blogging, articles, SEO optimised copy, etc. - get the basics right - standards compliant code, quality hosting, proper hierarchical use of HTML - then look at getting quality, natural in-bound links - not necessarily paid-for as this can cause you all sorts of problems if it's done badly (which is in fact very, very common). To begin, you need to analyse your market (in terms of their search behaviour) and analyse your competitors. This will provide you with a list of key words and phrases. By analysing the competition you have for these phrases, you can choose the ones to focus on. Don't immediately dismiss the niche ones or the long-tail searches, go for what you think you'll have a chance of getting up onto page one with within your budget (in terms of resources) and therefore in front of your target audience. Of course it's a good idea! Your business needs to be found and your potential customers are using the internet to find your products and services. Fact. I'm amazed that you can still get a site that hasn't been optimised as standard these days. Unless you've got your site done on a budget, your web development company has no excuse for not doing this in the first place.
  12. As a conversation about streaming these services to a TV, I would say it's relevant. I just like the convenience for the Kindle over a WII or similar console. That is all.
  13. When you're looking at an email address within an email header, yes, they can be spoofed- or in other words, they don't necessarily come from the email address they say they have come from. However, you can tell that the email address you were looking at is a genuine PayPal address as they own the domain and the 'e.' part is just a sub domain
  14. I've got a Kindle Fire HD with an HDMI cable. I can stream LoveFilm directly to virtually any TV now which is very useful for keeping the kids entertained wherever you go. If anyone is interested in the kit: Kindle Fire HD now only £119 (also 10% off any kindle device offer code JU7Q-DWYSJL-RQPEEB) Kindle Fire HD HDMI cable £5.95 (this is the 3 metre cable I bought) You'll probably need a case too 2 months free trial for LoveFilm offer code DD10JAN10 (worked for me)
  15. Also the WII will do it (and LoveFilm)
  16. The header information I think you're referring to is usually the extra hidden information attached to an email you receive. This is the information relating to things like spam score, sender, route, type of content, return path MIME version, domain signature, etc. As this information can easily be spoofed, it's used by, for example, spam filters and alike to help spot spam EDIT: In Outlook, right click the message title in the inbox and select 'Message options' then you'll see the message headers
  17. If it were me I would go with one of the bigger, more established companies such as HTC, Sony or Samsung as you get the security of knowing that if anything goes wrong, the spare parts will be available (such as screens, etc.) If I were going to get an unbranded Android phone, the two things to do are firstly a processor/RAM comparision with the equivalent branded phone and then make sure the Android software version is the latest. If so, there is no reason why there would be a problem.
  18. If you log into the CMS and go to the 'appearance' section, you can edit the files in-line from here. Anything other than the general colours / images / fonts / etc. however, will probably need to be done by downloading the theme and editing the files on your computer - it's often pretty complicated to unpick someone else's theme
  19. Hi DandelionEm, It's tough in the current economic climate in the graphic design world. The problem is that people don't value good design so as soon as they start to 'tighten their belts', the graphic design is often one of the first casualties. I know this as graphic design is something we as a company provide, but we don't advertise this any more (I studied GD back in the days when everything was hand rendered!) as people don't want to pay for it. If it were me in your situation, and I was adamant that this was the career for me, I would be either calling round printers for opportunities (as they're getting the bulk of this type of work at the moment) or considering heading to London as there's a lot more work available down there. I hope this helps?
  20. Hi red1, there a some useful articles here on the subject of SEO: http://talk.sevencreative.co.uk/find-out-for-free-if-your-site-should-be-higher-in-google/ http://talk.sevencreative.co.uk/make-your-website-work-for-you-with-seo/ http://talk.sevencreative.co.uk/seo-sheffield-getting-it-right/
  21. My pond (2m x 1m x 0.7m deep) seems to be full of leaches. I've never seen this before and I wondered if it's normal!?! Should I introduce some fish who'll eat these leaches?
  22. I'm not sure they do deliveries but they're selling bags of manure at Cowley Lane Riding School, Holmesfield
  23. Here's what I see: http://i.imgur.com/IAlbjyR.png And the spam blacklist: http://i.imgur.com/G2uOurL.png ---------- Post added 19-06-2013 at 14:35 ---------- Sorry, yes you did. Thanks
  24. No, it's not plugging the domain - it's someone we know but not a customer. I could disable the link but you wouldn't be able to follow it very easily. The same problem happens to a friend of mine with a different site. He noticed his site won't display at the Aston Hall Hotel but OK everywhere else. I'd like to get to the bottom of this mystery. ---------- Post added 19-06-2013 at 14:30 ---------- ...did it work, then?
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