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  1. That sounds like it has potential. What's the serial about?
  2. Absolutely - there were survivors of trafficking and modern slavery, and they seem to have been put in a situation almost as controlling. As you point out, City Hearts is inextricably linked with Hope City Church, whose Wikipedia page has a sizable section on past controversies - deceit, abuse and concerning financial tactics, making this seem all the more inevitable. Indeed - I've know one of the people interviewed, and I understand a lot more was done and said than has so far been reported.
  3. We're a creative city, and there are threads on this forum for writers, photographers, and the like, but I can't find any dedicated threads for film-makers to discuss their films, or Youtubers to show their wares. If you make movies, tell us about 'em. Indulgently, I'll start off. I've just put out a short, violently colourful Vincent van Gogh biopic called ' '. It's wholly unrelated to the van Gogh movie currently in movie theatres, which I expect is more beautiful but less surreal. If you want a bit more Sheffield scenery, I also contributed to a mainly-silent bicycle rivalry film called ' ', which was filmed around Bolehills. I'll understand if no-one actually looks at these, but I'd be curious to hear from other film-makers, videographers and the like.
  4. Exactly the same up on Herries Road, just up from the Hillsborough stadium. It all went off just after midnight - must be Santa, telling us to go to bed. The house alarms went off along the street, but they've all stopped now. Merry Christmas.
  5. I've found a lot to like in German cinema, especially 'Heimat' (1984) and 'Die Zweite Heimat' (1993), the latter of which is probably one of my favourite films. Looking forward to 'Die Andere Heimat' finally reaching British cinemas at some point this year. Better known stuff like 'M' (1931) and 'Run, Lola, Run' (1993), too. I set myself the task, last year, of watching a film from each of the last hundred years, and blogged about it, and tried to fit in a lot of foreign films amid the British and American ones, and managed to fit in 19 from Germany. Something about their cinema really works for me in a way that, say, Italian or Russian doesn't
  6. Since the Tour de France came to Sheffield, a few of us dug an old bike out of the cellar, and took to the streets of Crookes to make a short bike-based film, 'The Bike Cycle', which I hope you'll find short, entertaining and alarming, and seemed at least a little relevant to the thread. (I also filmed the actual Tour de France coming up Herries Road from Hillsborough, footage of which can be found here -- but I think 'The Bike Cycle' is the more entertaining of the two).
  7. Rome! ....... (though I probably shouldn't spell it like that)
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