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  1. The zombieXperience facebook page has reactivated, there's a post regarding people who have made future bookings for anyone that may concern, about getting your money back.
  2. The email to the police? I sent mine this afternoon Dinky just awaiting a reply
  3. I apologise for my childish reaction Grownsy, the situation has made me act a little out of character, I saw no point to your original post and it infuriated me even more than I already was after losing money and wasting time I wouldn't react like that normally. I haven't even listened to your Soundcloud it could be amazing for all I know :-S Anyway I've had more than enough of this virtual mess that's going on, I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for the support and advice!
  4. No it's on the Gloucester Citizen facebook page, on the article about him, the way she is defending him is unbearable, why would you be sat scouring the net for the opportunity to cause more hassle when your husband has just been sent down? Right pair of wrong 'uns. Oh and yes Dinkydudes that was me, my comments kept appearing as though they were greyed out, I assumed that means they banned me as well?
  5. She's just got a piece of my mind, clearly as greedy, selfish and completely lacking in empathy as her vile compulsive liar of a husband, shes fishing for sympathy on there!! Probably sat on a luxurious couch tapping onto an expensive laptop that us who were duped by them paid for. I cannot get across how angry that thought makes me!
  6. Dinkydudes: I was going to follow your advice but seems a bit pointless now, you seem to have gone down the right route with Trading Standards, have they given you any indication of what to expect? I'm at the point where the money is more or less irrelevant, just can't help wanting some kind of justice for the way he made me feel like I was being paranoid and overreacting when my gut feeling told me things weren't right. Tangoone, you was put in a terrible situation and can imagine how frustrated you must have felt watching him bragging all over the Internet, I wish you the best of luck with your new venture. I have emailed the officer who is dealing with this and am awaiting a reply, hope we get the news we hope for good luck everyone!
  7. Its so frustrating isn't it? I've never been in this situation before, it's not a nice feeling! The money isn't even that much of an issue now, I'm not going to be able to rest until the entire farce is put to an end, I'm going to look into where to go in this situation and I'll post if I find anything useful.
  8. They do, I sent warning posts to the facebook site last week around 4am and recieved an email from Dan: "I believe your online hate campaign is a little out of order. I have been informed by the team that manage the page that you have been spamming the page with hate and slander comments." I've always been of the understanding that slander is the act of spreading malicious lies not the truth...
  9. Yeah its still active, must've been my phone, I've sent warning messages on the posts but they are being deleted almost immediately. I can't PM you yet Dinkydudes, may be worth asking in your newsagents if they have a copy left tomorrow?
  10. It was in The Daily Star today, page 26 a small side piece: The boss of a Zombie Party business has been jailed over a motorbike theft racket. Dan Hatton, 33, launched his zombie experience last year, recruiting pals to dress up as the undead for stag parties and business team-building exercises. He pleaded guilty at Gloucester Crown Court to conspiring to recieve stolen bikes. Hatton, of Tredworth, Gloucester, was sentenced to 12 months. Two others were also jailed for the scam. I would normally be the first to take articles printed in The Star with a pinch of salt, but the facebook page seems to have disappeared in the last couple of hours. An event was held on Saturday night and Dan was apparently away due to 'unforseen circumstances' He would've known he was due at court so was raking every penny he could, and event location for the Saturday event was sent via email to only those who had booked on, a few hours before the event was due to take place. presumably to prevent irate customers turning up and confronting him without his trusty keyboard for protection. I actually do not have a clue what to believe or what to do from now onwards, its getting increasingly bizarre but I'll be doing what I can to get answers and hopefully some closure. Best of luck to you all.
  11. If any of you are able to view the facebook page for zombieXperience Ive posted an image of a newspaper article my friend has just sent me, Apparently Dan and two of his cronies have been jailed today for motorbike theft. I knew I wouldn't get a refund without a fight but this changes everything, not sure where we stand never been in this situation before, if anyone has any ideas or are planning on taking this further please feel free to pm me I'll send you my email address. ---------- Post added 07-07-2014 at 20:53 ---------- Oh and Grownsy, why would you take the time to make such a pointless statement? You're clearly either a friend of this conman or seriously need to look into finding other ways to entertain yourself, if you find this 'hillarious' as you say, you really must lead a sheltered life, there's far more amusement to be had its the internet for crying out loud. Like your soundcloud and the fact you call yourself a DJ for example. Now that's 'hillarious'.
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