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  1. hello out there - does anyone have any cheap tumblers for sale plz ,(for hanging baskets) ...... I'm after about 10 at most thx
  2. we have a monthly-ish neighbourhood watch meeting but just had it last week , duno when next un will be
  3. took my nearly 5 month old pup today for 1st time - had a problem with him squealing when he sees other dogs , cats or even birds , didn't expect miracles for the 1st time but come away well impressed , will continue what i (we) learnt & hopefully eradicate it
  4. it galls me , folk go on about dog turds all the time yet they will let their filthy moggies out & lay their eggs allover anyone elses garden , ive got 2 dogs , my back garden is securely fenced in so they can't go on a neighbours , yet I'm fed up of getting up in a morning & seeing them eat piles of catty bobbar on my garden - why moan about dogs all the time , you look after ur cats & i'll look after my dogs - till we reach equilibrium - LET THE BOBBAR WAR CONTINUE !!
  5. Does anyone have or know of any jack Russell pups that are ready to go now plz ---------- Post added 22-05-2017 at 22:08 ---------- got one - admin may remove if so desired !
  6. Hi , anyone out there with any of the above for sale plz ? Reply or pm with prices plz , I'm near ngh Thx
  7. Hi any techy folk out there - my dad bought a galaxy 6 phone in august (NOT EDGE - just ordinary) , he couldn't use it so he gave it me , now when I charge it it gets stuck on anything between 74 - 80% charge & won't fully charge if I leave it on all day , I have cleared cache , had a flash reset at Samsung place on commercial st & done a full factory reset myself , downloaded app called "battery repair" yet it still won't charge , any ideas ? it seemed to happen suddenly rather than over a period of time (the phone is only about 5 mths old)
  8. does anyone know if there will be a woodhouse xmas market this year plz , usually centred in & around the market sq here the old stocks are - times & date appreciated thx
  9. Having a debate with someone regards where sheffield city council spends the money it earns from recycling the household blue boxes and bins , ie paper , card , glass , plastic and metal food or drink containers .... the sheffield.gov site doesn't seem to help ...... does anyone have such info or know who and how to contact them plz ..... there are breakdowns of how council tax is spent but that's not what he wants to know ...... just the money from recycling if anyone has the info ta
  10. .....................................................................
  11. im after some replacement vertical blind strips ...... just the material bit , can't get em nowhere ..... that was just a last resort thought .... anyone know where I can get em plz ?
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