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  1. ---------- Post added 14-12-2015 at 02:49 ---------- [/color] It would be really interesting if you could explain why this could not happen?We were all Catholics once and were 'encouraged' to become Christians?
  2. My personal explanation is that it's one of the 'benefits' of multiculturalism. Unfortunately, it's a universal law that everyone and everything falls to the lowest common denominator, and this particular 'benefit' originates in parts of Africa where it's considered very rude to speak to a person on one side of the street if people on the other side can't hear you. Consequently, more and more people in Britain are speaking louder than they ever did before and irritating the few of us who remain true to our original upbringings. I honestly don't think it's going to improve. We've allowed it to happen and seem to have no intention of changing it, so we can only learn to live with it.
  3. With all the controversy over the new market, could it be an idea to put the stall holders in there? They could put the fish and meat in the cells (presumably underneath?) keep the old court, do it up as necessary and charge to see it as a museum piece? Without seeing it inside that's as far as I can go with it but surely someone could make it work on that basis? It's in the right place for what the people complaining about it having been moved wanted so I can'see why it was never an option in the first place. I realise that leaves a problem with the new market on the Moor but as that's not working anyway, according to some on the Forum, I'm sure that someone must be able to come up with some ideas as to what would work down there?
  4. My Dad was in the Royal Navy and didn't have a good word to say for him! Fraud was about the only one I could mention on here! For myself, I think he's brilliant! I just love the way PC has passed him by, and funnily enough I think Dad would agreed with me now had he still been here.
  5. Being a reasonable human being you would think that, wouldn't you? As it happens I am close to a case where the father has just been granted the right to have his now 4yr old over the weekends (when social workers don't go out unless the child is dead, or as near as!) because apparently this is the age when boys in particular need to learn to identify with their father. By doing this, the Judge, but more importantly, the Social Services, have condemned this child to the druggie thug culture, thieving and violent world of his father, knowing that the man has several convictions, not least the one for assaulting a taxi driver, as well as the fact that he abused and assaulted the mother in front of the child and knocked the child to the other side of the settee resulting in a bloody nose and cut lip! There is much more involved in this case but I'm not going to bore you with that. I would though, like to stress that although I blame the Social Services as a body, my concern is that they are seriously understaffed and cannot therefore spend the time that is desparately needed to properly evaluate each individual case. ---------- Post added 31-03-2015 at 01:41 ---------- Absolutely agree with all your posts on this.
  6. 4 people in Sheffield says it all! To say I am disgusted says it all! No slur on the 4 of course!
  7. As Mafya says - it's a good point. We are concerned when these people abuse or assault children. When they're very young the Social Services take them into care and hope that the placement they choose will ensure a more stable and suitable upbriniging for these children. This week a High Court Judge has decreed that a Rotherham man and his wife have no right to have their children because he is too domineering & insists that the occasional smack does no harm and his wife, to no avail, agrees that he is not aggressive or violent.The children were still taken in to care. Does that ruling set a precedent that a Muslim upbringing is also too domineering in that the parents insist on their children being taught the Qur'ran that implicitly decrees that parents teach their children that it is their duty to promote their ideals by fair means or foul? And if that is the case, do we then start taking all Muslim children into care to protect them from that? Is that fair?
  8. It's in the Times and the Express too - either of them credible enough?
  9. I thought this thread was 'Sheffield follows Rotherham in child abuse allegations? To me that's saying that they've found similar circumstances in Sheffield to what has been written in the report by Alexis Jay about what was happening in Rotherham - i.e. the grooming and sexual abuse of hundreds of mainly white girls by mainly Pakistani men, which was systematically dismissed by the police, social services and council members because they were all frightened of losing their jobs for being labelled Racist. Having followed this thread as far as Mafyas' thread 14/03/15 and looking at his link I took some time out to think and look further. What I found was Mrs Mays' statement that 'child sex abuse is woven in to the very fabric of our society'. The only time she mentions Rotherham is in the fact that Professor Jay will be on the investigating team. Her words intimated to me exactly what Mafyas' link unintentionally proved to me. Take a look at his link http://ukpaedos-exposed.com/2015/01/rns-rotherham/ and see if you see what I see. Then think about the high profile cases that have dominated the news for months now. Can you see the connection?
  10. I watched the first episode and was totally unimpressed but decided to reserve final judgement until I'd at least seen this weeks episode - on the premise that these things can improve as actors get more into their parts. Sadly, for me, they didn't. Aidan Turner is easier on the eye than Robin Ellis, but he just doesn't have the strength of character in his face to ever be Poldark. The girl playing Demelza is so badly cast that I have to wonder who she's related to that she got the job! Even Warren Clark, who I love as Dalziel, is totally miscast as Poldarks' uncle. I won't bore you with what I think of the rest. Suffice it to say that I shall do as I did with the last period drama they adapted, The Forsyte Saga, which was also miscast and in my opinion, unwatchable, and buy the original box set.
  11. They obviously don't, or they'd have been in touch, but you could look them up on FreeBMD site and then ask on the Shiregreen thread maybe? I haven't put their names on here 'cos I'm not sure it's legal to do so when they're still alive and I don't know them to ask their perrmission. As their father, and probably their grandparents lived in the right area, I assumed they were the most likely to know if their dad knew your dad. Anyway, sorry if they're not who you're looking for, but I enjoy a mystery and this one passed a pleasant hour or so for me.
  12. Had a look on FreeBMD and it looks like Peters' dad could have been your dads' friend. He was a George who married a Gladys Thompson in 1930. There are a few to choose from! Peter himself had 2 children who are probably still living.
  13. I have some Manterfield relations but not sure they ever lived in the Shiregreen area. It's a pretty rare name in these parts so I hope you find who you're looking for, but have to admit I think it's a long shot! Perhaps if you gave more clues? What did your dad do for a living, for example - maybe that would narrow things down a bit?
  14. Really enjoyed Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Exactly my kind of movie!
  15. No, we're not brain dead - just dirt poor!
  16. Still suggest you read this before you dismiss the idea altogther.
  17. This is my original piece - your quote differs and alters the subject quite dramatically! I have not looked at the % per population in Bradford.
  18. One word is apparently too short but my word is 'insular', meaning the people not the place.
  19. Well I don't know what's going on in Bradford, but according to the official statistics in Rotherham only .08 pe cent of the population there is Pakiistani. Was that the corresponding representation in the council?
  20. Think you're rather missing the point here Ron. The thread is about Rotherham and the fact that 1400 young white girls were targeted and groomed for sexual exploitation by mainly Muslim Pakistani men. The op thinks/question? that Rotherham can become a beacon of Muslim hope.
  21. I'm in total agreement with you. We are being fed a load of lies ahead of the election so that LibLabCon can 'advise' us that the only way we can avoid destruction is to vote for them and stay in the E.U.
  22. Have to agree on flattening the bus station, and incidentally any of these new Interchanges - they are nothing more than torture chambers designed to freeze unsuspecting passengers to death whilst they wait for often non existent buses! Moving it alongside the the train station would also be a great improvement too. And whilst the water feature outside the station is an improvement, I personally would have much more appreciated moving staircases inside the station itself.
  23. I've only written on here about myself and my husband, but all the people I've known to go to opticians, parents, family, friends, colleagues etc., only ever get worse. Perhaps your optician isn't as greedy as the rest and you should recommend him/her to the rest of us.
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