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  1. I am eagerly awaiting the results of the big debate that the Council were having yesterday about all of this. I read that the bus companies seem to like the diversion of the routes because it has speeded up their travel times through the City Centre by 5 minutes. I could argue that this is because they are missing out big chunks of the City Centre - particularly when Carver/ Rockingham St is closed - or that passengers just don’t want to walk to the Rockingham Street stop where the pavements are narrow and uneven, and the area just doesn’t feel safe. For the number 30 bus heading towards Crystal Peaks (the one I use most frequently) Rockingham Street is the only bus stop between West Street and Arundel Gate so that is quite a long walk between stops, but it’s quite easy to see how a bus could speed up their travel times here.
  2. My Auntie Mabel and Uncle Jim Black lived at 133 Lansdowne Road and I visited and stayed with them a lot when I was a child. They had four boys, Keith, Peter, Kenneth and Eric. Peter, Ken and Eric joined the navy in Plymouth. I remember they lived across from the pub, which I think was called The Washington, and a grocery shop where you could ask for the “twopenny tray”, or the “penny tray”. There may have been a “three penny tray” too but if I had three pence I bought a bar of dairy milk. My cousins were friends with Barry Sidebottom, Melvin Bagshaw, and the son of the baker (whose name I have forgotten now, which is a shame because I remembered it for quite a long time). I remember most of the coal cellar holes in the pavements being covered by old metal plates that had originally being used as advertisement signs. They would probably be worth a bob or two now. My Aunt and Uncle moved to Norfolk Park when their Lansdowne Road house was being pulled down, and are now long since dead, but I have many happy memories from that time.
  3. The number 71 was a great bus service back in the 60s. From Prince of Wales Road you could travel into town either up to the Manor Top and down through Norfolk Park, or down through Darnall and Attercliffe. If you missed the bus one way, you could cross over the road and catch the bus going the other way.
  4. Yes, there are complaints because the buses and bus stops have been moved further away for passengers, to enable more cycling. True!
  5. Yes, it did look eerie and strangely, if we were to look at this video again in a few years we may even feel a little nostalgic for the complete peace and quiet. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like that now as more people are coming back into town. Still not seeing many cyclists, though, despite what Sheffield Council insist would happen.
  6. HeHasRisen - have you ever tried using a taxi with someone in a wheelchair? When I travelled with my Mother who was using a wheelchair, the taxi driver did not secure the wheelchair properly and as we went around a corner the wheelchair started to tip up. I had to keep my feet on the wheels for the rest of the journey. This frightened my Mum who never wants to travel in a taxi again, even if I was willing to accompany her. Further, in my opinion, the cost of a regular taxi is prohibitive.
  7. I used the Freebee quite often as I could get off the 30 bus at Commercial Street and get the Freebee down to my office at Moorfoot. I was sad when it stopped. However, it seems to me that if Leopold Street and Pinstone Street were reopened to buses, it would solve a few problems for people being able to access the shops more easily. The bus stops at Rockingham Street are too far away for people with heavy shopping, mobility problems etc. More important, though, we were told that Pinstone and Leopold Street were closed to allow for distancing but pedestrians and buses are now being forced onto narrower pavements and roads.
  8. We also had Drs Downie, Livingstone and O’Connell but on Prince of Wales Road. Dr Wells was also part of the team. Those were the days when you actually knew your Doctor and they knew you. The surgery was in a house.
  9. I have just received my invitation to make an appointment for the COVID injection. Please can someone tell me if there is a choice of vaccination centres for Sheffield, or is there just a choice between your own GP and the Arena vaccination centre? Also, please can someone tell me if the vaccinating staff at the Arena wear protective gloves when they are injecting patients? May seem like a stupid question but last week there were photos of people giving injections and not wearing protective gloves (at a drive through centre) and it really put me off?
  10. I remember the Coastal Path Murders ( although I didn’t realise they were so long ago), and it changed my mind about wanting to have a walking holiday there. Until this programme aired I honestly didn’t know that someone had been convicted and jailed not only for these murders, but others, too. Might sound stupid but I felt a sense of relief even though I will probably now never get the opportunity to walk the Coastal Path.
  11. Like others, I enjoyed the Pembrokeshire Murders. I also enjoyed Traces, which ended last night, although the main character Emma, got on my nerves a bit. On Sunday nights I am currently enjoying The Great. I realise that it’s probably heavy fictionalised but I find it quirky and amusing at times.
  12. Terms of Endearment makes me cry, too. Another is an oldie called The Hasty Heart with Richard Todd, Patricia Neale, and Ronald Reagan. It made me cry when I saw it as a little girl, and again when I was over 60.
  13. Just wanted to post something on here to try and get the item back towards the top of the Sheffield Discussion topics. The consultation closes on 07 January 2021 so please do have a look and make your comments known. The link to the consultation was kindly given by Michael N in the first post on this topic.
  14. I so remember this route and used it regularly from being about 10 years old until it stopped running. It was a cheap form of entertainment and was lovely travelling through all the different areas of Sheffield. The decision was always which way round to go. A few years ago our historical society was able to take a similar trip on a vintage bus. I had forgotten how comfortable the seats were. Thanks for the memories.
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