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  1. Thanks for your suggestions. Interested to see what they have at Heart of the home!
  2. Hello I am looking for an original reconditioned Victorian fireplace. Does anyone know where these can be found in Sheffield or nearby areas? Also its hard finding someone to install these fireplaces, last person I spoke to said it would be quite difficult. Although it didnt seem to be the case 150 years ago... Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone and thanks for your replies. Its nice to know its quite common and you have not any problems from this. I will get my solicitor to check for any covenants in the lease as advised.
  4. Hello I am in the process of buying a house in Sheffield and have just found out from my solicitor that its both freehold and leasehold. I have never heard of this before and wondered if this was common in Sheffield? Thanks in advance.
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