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  1. That should be a doddle for anyone who has a physical job and takes it seriously. I don't know what it is now, but for the army selection test we had to do a 1.5m run in under 10m 30s, sit ups to the beep and chin ups on best effort. It's even harder nowadays I believe. For front line officers, they should be very physically fit I think. More than what that test sets the bar at anyway.
  2. I remember some TV program showing the fitness test they have to take, and it was hardly taxing. It was walking, running to the beep, and nothing like the BFT soldiers have to take to prove operational fitness. I would like to see the police be expected to be at a similar fitness level to soldiers, I think there would be a lot more successful foot chases Having said that though, I honestly can't remember when I last saw a fat police officer. I'm sure there are some, I just haven't seen any.
  3. I understand the constraints put on SYP, but it doesn't excuse their apparent unwillingness to address the issues we are experiencing, issues that come under the remit of those at senior management level. Our safer neighbourhood team work their arses off her in our village, but the lack of clarity from up high impedes their work. We keep hearing from senior officers that they are working to address issues, but they are happy trying to sweep stuff under the carpet and deflect blame.
  4. I never saw it, but have just found this on the beeb news site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29034230 This guy smacks of sheer incompetence, and seems to have more lives than a cat in his career. He has a long history of incompetence at best and downright dishonesty at worst.
  5. Either way he would end up with a golden handshake, which is even worse!
  6. You've lost me here. Yes I would like to see Crompton resign from his post due to the poor policing in our community and others like Page Hall and Eastwood, but how does that translate to lock them up and then deport them?
  7. At what point has anyone who's posted here said lock them up and deport them? Or even suggested that?
  8. I don't doubt that there are certain elements within our community that will not cooperate with the police, but you placed a blanket assumption on all of our community, and it is for reason I said you were talking twaddle. Have you bothered to read any of the other posts I made, especially the one regarding 101 calls? You also said that you failed to see how the police were to blame and then backtracked saying that both the community and the police were to blame. On the point of crime going incorrectly reported and then not being followed up, I have experienced this myself, as has another close family member in a seperate incident. In my case, I asked a man to stop shouting in the early hours of the morning at the front of my house. I was then threatened with a knife, with the man threatening to kill me, my family and all the English. His words. By the time the police got there he had gone into his house. The police knocked on his door, and after a minute walked away as there was no answer. They said they couldn't do anything as he had probably fallen asleep. I heard nothing more except for when I called them. When I did I was informed that it had been recorded as a non-racial anti social incident. If that isn't poor policing I don't know what isn't. My experience is certainly not unique here in Hexthorpe, and there have been numerous cases of incidents not being reported properly or being dealt with by an inappropriate response. How in the hell is that the fault of the community???
  9. Sorry but that is absolute twaddle! There have been several incidents of knife crime reported to the police and the police have not followed through with investigating the incidents, despite people being prepared to be witnesses. You are excusing the police and blaming the community, and I can tell you now that is absolute rubbish. Even the police have admitted there have been shortcomings on their part. We fully understand that the police have an uphill struggle, but when senior police officers cannot offer long term strategies and ignore serious policing issues then the person who has overall responsibility must uphold that responsibility. Being offered short term initiatives with no consultation on what happens at the end of those initiatives is not responsible or effective policing!
  10. The apathy is already setting in here in Hexthorpe, with many people believing it's a waste of time reporting incidents as they are either going to be written off as something less than what it actually is, or a slow response is going to make the reporting a waste of effort. That leaves us all in a position where both serious and non-serious incidents are going unrecorded and unreported. If it is a national problem, it is one which needs urgent attention, as it skews the real picture of social and crime problems. Maybe the police and government are happy for that to happen, because it makes them look rosier in the statistics? Or maybe it's me being cynical? Thanks and I'm sure we all appreciate that here in Hexthorpe, I know I do :-)
  11. We are currently getting short term goals, such as the Operation Alliance, that has now ceased. We asked the question then and we ask it now, what the hell happens now?? To date we haven't had a definite strategy. There seems to be a total lack of clarity in how they are going to address these issues long term, and it feels like the buck is being passed on to the community.
  12. Do you not think two years is long enough for him to become acquainted with the problems our communities have been facing? He came into office in 2012. How long should we wait then before we lay the blame at his door? I'm amazed that you think that he doesn't know or understand what is happening in our communities. I believe he knows full well, and it's under his leadership that the problems with policing have continually got worse. I also believe that he has had ample time to address the issues present. Another example of the problems. Since the problems were raised by our community, we have been constantly told by the police to report as many incidents as we can, so they can get an accurate feel of the frequency and type of incidents, and plan accordingly. We were told to call 101. Great we thought. They are taking us seriously. That was until we started hearing about the problems when residents were calling 101. Many abandoned their calls after the call not being answered after long periods. Because the call is answered automatically and then the caller is put on hold, the caller incurs a phone charge. We've been told frequently that people are waiting 10, 20 or 30 minutes+ for the calls to be answered. Even when the calls are being answered promptly, the callers have faced hostile operators, questioning why they were calling and if it was appropriate to be calling 101, even when the situations being reported were enough to cause distress to those calling. Examples would be of a 101 operator questioning why the caller would call 101 to report a party in the early hours that was causing a disturbance on the whole street. There were more serious issues that are apparently being dealt with too. It got to the point that the council intervened and set up a hotline at their cost to counter the problems. The matter was raised numerous times to senior police officers, and promises were made on resolving the issues. To date they haven't been. I could go on and on highlighting the problems, and I don't for a minute believe that David Crompton was wholly unaware of them. Even if he was unaware, then on that basis alone he should be sacked!
  13. Let's be clear here. The primary reason for the petition is the lack of proper policing in our community, Hexthorpe. We have spoken to members of Page Hall and Eastwood communities too, and they have said the same. The police are not doing their job. It is for this reason primarily that we wish to seek David Crompton's resignation. He was in charge whilst the problems have arisen and is in charge now as the problems continue. We were offered a 6 week initiative here in Hexthorpe, called Operation Alliance, where the police were supposed to be stamping down on anti social behaviour and crime. The initiative ended and we are back to square one. The anti social behaviour continues, as does the crime. only last night a serious knife incident resulted in 4 men being arrested and 2 of them being stabbed. There have been several knife related incidents here where no arrests were made and the reports of the incidents were not followed up. After having spoken to representatives of the other communities, we know that what we are going through they are too. It's OK defending Crompton, but if his force is providing an ineffective and unreliable service, he must accept responsibility for that. Quite amused how people come to his defense, but refuse to acknowledge that he gets paid a large salary to accept that responsibility!!
  14. Yeah we should trust him: http://www.upsd.co.uk/david-crompton/ Okey dokey, we tried trusting SYP and look where that has got us!
  15. David Crompton took on a highly paid job that compensates for the accountability the post holds. The buck stops with him whilst he is in office. If there is widespread ineffective policing within South Yorkshire then he must accept responsibility for that, commensurate with the post he holds. The don't blame him argument doesn't wash unfortunately. If he was a CEO of a business that went bust, the shareholders would be demanding his resignation. Think of him as the CEO and us the shareholders, so why should he not resign? If he cannot formulate effective policing strategies, regardless of budget constraints, then he has no right to be in the role he is. Again, if he was a CEO and the business was struggling, the shareholders would look to him to deliver solutions and not expect him to be all apologetic and say we're stuck here and there's nothing I can do.
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