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  1. Farhad what times it start on friday? What time am i needed?? I know you said theres a meeting the day before, but my life is controlled by revision atm coz my exams are next week and i just haven't done enough so its all gettin crammed in this week:( ....soooo...would it be ok if you rang me and let me know the main points instead Sarahbabe!x
  2. hahaha i knoooww i knoowwwwww, tis rather crazy reeeli! and YES we will definitely have a catch up! what time am i needed there?? sarahbabe
  3. IM BAAAAAK! Farhad, i'm good to help out as promised but would it be alright to bring my boyfriend along. He's thinking about starting so i said he should come; he said he'd make himself useful and do jobs for u too!? What u rekon? That the final line-up coz sunny mentioned he might be fighting?! sarahbabe x x
  4. Sorry clare that jokes been and gone LOOOL Anywaaaay, THANKS everyone..feline it is, i rekon! wish me luck x
  5. Intake's is just too far away unfortunately! But feline is definitely a possibility...i heard it was good in there! Any other suggestions? --medusa--have u had urs done? if so any advice? x
  6. I want to have my belly button pierced but i'm really worried about it gettin infected/going septic etc . SOOOO....where is the best place to go ???? Any recommendations? And any advice/tips etc from people please!? Thanks everyone xx
  7. * AMAZING RESULT! Neil Warnock is class spesh when he said something along the lines of 'i knew we were gonna win, i could tell by the night air' (OR SOMETHING) anyway made me laugh COME ON U RED AND WHITE WIZARDS *sarahbabe*
  8. :D Just like to say a well done to the guys for the arsenal result:thumbsup: (1-0 for the fools that don't know )!!!!! amaazzzzinnnggggg!!! COME ON U RED AND WHITE WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D *sarahbabe*
  9. Yeah merry xmas every1!!!!! Hope u all have a good one! and a happy new year! x x sarahbabe x x
  10. Numero uno...i'm not as u put it "sticking up for my buddy" i'm simply saying that you should perhaps say productive comments instead of finding pointlessy negative things to say about someone whose name you have yet to know how to write/pronounce. Numero dos...Yes he does big up his fighters (so???) but i have also heard him say negative things too (when necessary) so perhaps you shouldn't write your ill-judged conceptions on here before you've heard all sides of the story. Numero tres...Fingers crossed for your cat.My cat Jack says meow as well and gives Keith a purr for good luck!!!! :) *x*x*
  11. Do you see anyone else making the same accusations...no! so if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it...or perhaps u could present your arguments in a less infantile way? OR back to my original idea: get a pet? *sarahbabe*
  12. Chinny_lynne - Stop picking fights and get a hobby...or maybe a pet! *sarahbabe*
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