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  1. Ideally Oak. But cherry, apple etc would be fine too. Quite surprised there aren’t plenty of these type of outlets 🤔
  2. Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my first post. I’m looking for ‘chunks’ or logs, not chips. I’d need about 3 bags of those minuscule chips each time. Not practical or economical !
  3. Where can I get this in Sheffield? I know you can get it online. But prefer to go and get it myself locally Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the replies people I did try google first, but not easy to get information on prices as many just have standard sizes and I want a specific size.
  5. As title, anyone know where I can get a sheet of stainless cut in Sheffield? Thanks Chris
  6. As title, does anyone know where I can get stainless steel sheet cut at a decent price in Sheffield? Want it for a splashback, but the sizes I've seen online don't suit what I want. Thanks in advance Chris
  7. Worktops in Sheffield, where can I buy them at a reasonable price? Looking for laminate, ideally black but others considered. Need 2 x 3M lengths Thanks in advance PS: obviously been down the B&Q, Wickes, homebase Etc route. I'm looking specifically for places that sell random pieces/ seconds
  8. Thought is was just me at first. Which is why I posted on here. Apparently there are no power outages in my postcode at the moment anymore!!! Funny that because I'm sat in the house with just candles for light, so I can confidently say there IS a problem. After speaking to northern power, our estimated return to normal service is now 2:00am. Quite a jump from 8:30pm
  9. Anyone else having problems? And have been for the last couple of weeks? ---------- Post added 21-05-2016 at 18:59 ---------- Yes, you must be as there are 'engineers on the way' estimated power restoration 8:30pm Wonderful!!!!
  10. Does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield that sells kitchen bits. Like odd units in particular and worktop offcuts Thanks in advance
  11. I ride that road quite often but wasn't out last night. Pure speculation, but I'm guessing the driver pulled out of Long Line junction heading directly across the road to Dore. Even though the speed limit was dropped from 60 to 50 some time ago, around that junction it should be dropped to 30 IMO Hope the guy will make a full recovery
  12. No luck in B&M or Wilkinsons, but thanks anyway Thanks MJ01, saw those last night. But they don't seem to sell a separate fork set The search continues...
  13. As per title, anyone have any suggestions please? Seen one in Argos but it's tiny, might have to be that one, but if so where can I get more forks? Thanks in advance
  14. + 1 seriously confusing combination of words
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