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  1. Costco do lovely platter as do most supermarkets so they may be worth a look
  2. Awh...little mermaid that sounds lovely.!!! xxx http://www.cakepopstickles.co.uk Sweet treasts and dessert tables for all occasions
  3. I usually do the Nigella Chocolate orange cake for a gluten free......dead easy xx http://www.cakepopstickles.co.uk
  4. Try a cakepop cake or bouquet.......Happy hunting http://www.cakepopstickles.co.uk
  5. Oooo might have a saunter..... http://www.cakepopstickles.co.uk
  6. Has had the best pressie ever....a happy bride and groom They asked for a black and white cake pop wedding cake and it worked a treat a real talking point..if you looking for ideas for something similar pm me and I can direst you to the pics...Happy New Wedding Year:) x
  7. Well bless my soul I think it might be Venus and Mars........
  8. Ok, so im no sci fi nerd! But I usually see abright star out my window every night but tonight it has a 'tail' on it and it looks like a cluster of lights thro the binocs,its not moving so I dont thing the little green men are coming just yet....can u see it? What do we think it is!? Cheers in anticipation
  9. OH NO STEPMAN!!!!! Wot a to do!!!! Will i be able to sleep tonight? or will i be eaten alive
  10. i've also had a ppale golden one with creamy white spots what on earth is this one????
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