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  1. Hello all. My best friend is having a small wedding on Wednesday 16th September at the town hall in Sheffield. Very low key, only 5 of us attending. I would like to find somewhere that we can go afterwards that's a bit special. Thinking of a very early afternoon tea style, not lunch as we are going elsewhere later on. Somewhere where we can take a breath and they can be surprised and feel a bit special. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Many many thanks for your replies and help. Greatly appreciated
  3. Hello everyone. Im looking for a dog sitter preferably in someone else's home for occasional weekends. Probably Thursday evenings to Sunday night. Would prefer my pooch to be in another home rather than a boarding kennels. Friendly rescue staffie. ---------- Post added 23-08-2015 at 18:28 ---------- Should probably have said Sheffield area
  4. I would like to say that I booked a taxi via their app yesterday for a taxi to pick me up this morning at 9.15am. Faultless service, text to say driver was on the way, call back to say he was outside. I got to work on time and the driver was very friendly. Thankyou City
  5. No need for the scepticism, despite the thorough background check and subsequent credit check i am happy to let you know that i passed with flying colours. Sam73 has agreed to attend a knitting convention with me this very weekend. Its hard to find someone who shares the same interests as me and i couldn't be happier. Maybe i am the one who has found a perfect stranger!
  6. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
  7. Hello sam73. I too have found myself thinking about this. Seperated a year ago and am now turning my thoughts to plunging into the dating scene. I've had a look at some local dating sites and wondered if anyone out there on the Forum had any success or any tips
  8. Hello Summertime7, great name by the way, makes me feel summery! I love Sheffield too
  9. Hi Steve Welcome up north! We're a down to earth bunch
  10. Just stumbled accross this thread. Does this mean I win! Not sure of the rules:)
  11. Thanks from the new girl Daven. Feeling welcome already.
  12. Hello all, feel like i know so many of you without getting involved. So i thought I'd take the plunge. Looking forward
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