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  1. I did make a contribution way back on page 3. I have a bit of an obsession with James Dixon and Sons as six generations of my family worked for them. I wrote a couple of books about the firm, one of which is on Amazon. The other I published privately and I allowed John Bank to put the whole of both books on his website...http://www.pewterbank.com. The second book 'A rare and special collection' includes a table of trademarks used at particular times in the firms history. It might help people with dating pieces. The firm was known mostly as silversmiths but it did produce vast quantities of the finest pewter ware and also was renowned for it sporting accessories such as flasks (hip and powder) and other items. If you go to John's site and click on Dixons of Sheffield the two books are at the top of the page and can be clicked on to open in PDFs format. I am keen to preserve the memory of these old Sheffield firms and honour the skills of their fantastic craftsman. By the way when Daniel Willett the Sheffield golfer won the US masters in 2016 he was in a sense bringing the trophy home though it never now leaves the club. It was made by James Dixons in the late 1950s.
  2. I have only just picked up this thread. With Colin Barnsley I wrote the history of the firm in 2010. The book is called Forging History, the story of George Barnsley and Sons, toolmakers. Can be found on Amazon and Colin has several copies at his works in Mowbray St.... Woodware Repetitions and George Barnsley and Sons. He will also tell you who owns the building. The building went from family hands in 2003 but Colin owns the name. Contact details for both of us are in the book. paulineb
  3. Book is called Forging History the Story of George Barnsley and Sons, toolmakers. You can get a copy from Colin Barnsley at Woodware repetitions on Mowbray St. or from Amazon.
  4. In my second book about James Dixon and Sons the first chapter includes the history of the firm with dates.I mention this because it covers a lot of the questions people are asking. There is a later chapter about trademarks etc with dates and also a chapter on teapots. one on the building=Cornish Place, one on flasks. You can download it as a PDF from a website called lulu.com which is an on line publisher for £2. Put the title or my name in their search engine and it will take you to the correct page. There are 20 chapters all together. It is called 'A rare and special collection James Dixon and Sons, Silversmiths, Pewterers and Makers of gun accessories'. 6 generations of my family worked for the firm. I also transcribed the Reminiscences of James Dixon (3rd one to manage the firm) written in 1933 for the Sheffield Telegraph covering his life from the 1850s. He records a lot of local and social memories but also his travels in Europe. Any proceeds from the book go to the charity the Myasthenia Gravis Association. The best source of James Dixon products today is Ebay. The firm that holds the patents etc mostly exports goods to the Middle East or does specialised commissions. Any problems with web site contact me Pauline C.Bell pbell7@btinternet.com
  5. I have written 2 books on the firm of James Dixon and Sons and would be happy to give further information if interested folk would like to contact me off line pbell7@btinternet.com
  6. I am descended from the founders of the firm, George Barnsley and Sons and have written a book about them and several members of the Barnsley family. However sometime in the 1950s a portrait of the George Barnsley who was Master Cutler in1883 disappeared from the family probably following a death and the disposal of the estate. This portrait was presented to GB by the work people when he became Master Cutler and was painted by H.F. Crighton who painted several leading Sheffield Industrialists of the time. This picture is not in a Sheffield museums collection and I just wondered if anyone knew of its current whereabouts. We just feel it is a niggling family mystery. One reported to be of the young George turned up in Australia about a year ago and is now in the keeping of an Australian cousin.
  7. The firm of George Barnsley and Sons was in Cornish Street on the banks of the Don. They made tools for leather workers such as shoemekers and saddlers. Ceased trading in the 1990s. My ancestors worked there and I wondered if anyone know anyone who either worked there themselves or had relatives who worked there. would love to see old photographs etc.
  8. I have only just found this thread so hope my response reaches all interested parties. At the very end of 2004 I had book published called 'Made in Sheffield The story of James Dixon and Sons, silversmiths' ISBN 1-901587-52-5 pub by ALD publications, sheffield. 6 generations of my family worked there. As I am very passionate about the work of the firm I approached the Millenium Galleries Manager and suggested that an exhibition in 2006 would be a good idea to mark the 200 years since the firm was started. I am delighted to say that this is starting Aug 5th until end of October 2006 I would be delighted to answer any queries about the firm. Pauline Cooper Bell pbell7@btinternet.com
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