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    too many chiefs and not enough indians in the nhs
  2. has anyone suffered a posterolateral corner knee injury , my son injured his knee about a year ago , dr at northern general was 100 %convinced it was his acl but mri scan showed no ligament damage , told him he would be ok in 6 weeks a year later still can hardly walk paid private to go to the physios next to hallamshire hospital told him his posterolateral corner is damaged , might need knee reconstruction , but got to build the muscles up around it first minimum of 6 months without playing sport just wondering if anyone has also had this
  3. dronfield united fc . sunday imperial league div 2 . looking for friendlies
  4. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/derbyshire-family-continues-fight-to-find-answers-after-teen-s-meningitis-death-1-9608990
  5. we had a barrister at the inquest working pro bono we now have a legal firm in london representing us who have advised us to pursue are case after seeing all the evidence no christmas festivities ,no christmas cheer just sat here grieving wishing callum was here no christmas tree ,no lights on the roof still waiting for a decision to find out the truth
  6. the expert independent witness the cps and coroner used at the inquest was an ent consultant , meningitis was never mentioned in his report , only the how the ent consultant carried out callums operation ,which we have no arguments with . the hospital told us that if callums antibiotics hadnt been stopped he would have made a full recovery we want to know who decided to stop the antibiotics and why is that to much to ask for ?
  7. thank you we are trying to get the coroners decision quashed in the high court , but its a long process will be 5 years on 08 /02 since callum passed ,if i didnt think there is a cover up i would have dropped my legal action , to be honest its only making me feel worse , but i know im 100 % right and i just cant leave it ,as ive said before all we want to know is the truth ,not doing it for financial gains or any other reason , just the facts
  8. again thank you for your kind words and advice my wife thinks along the same lines as your nan ,the consultant will get whats coming to her ,maybe not legally , but in a different way we as a family cant / wont go anywhere for a break , makes us feel guilty going anywhere to enjoy ourselves without callum being there we dont celebrate birthdays or xmas , it just doesnt seem right when theres one missing as i wrote earlier ,i still think im dreaming and im gunna wake up soon and this nightmare will all be over as a family we support each other the best we can but we are like 4 different people trying to cope in our own ways daniel my middle son and i chat about how we can fight this injustice whereas my wife and jack my eldest dont like talking about anything to do with it if my lads had a problem when they were younger at school as an example i would sort it out immediately but im struggling to help them with this , ive all on coping myself , i dont know what to say or do and i feel guilty for that as i wrote earlier this could happen to any family at any time anyone reading this please be aware of the symptoms of meningitis , callum didnt have a rash , which i presume most partents as well as myself at the time thought the rash was the first sign ,please check out the website meningitis now if anyone has a poorly child dont be affraid to take them to sheffield childrens hospital immediately , trust your instincts , last couple of days ive had the independent expert witness reports from the gmc and the cps , i am absolutely disgusted by them both and made official complaints but , nhs trust after numerous emails / phone calls wont disclose theres all i want to i know is the truth what happened to my son , surely im entitled to that
  9. thank you for your kind words and advice i can deal with the truth ,it the lies that i cant handle i live in my own little bubble which is my house i very rarely go out ,sit in front of my laptop all day every day waiting for emails or the phone to ring with new information from my barrister etc its totally destroyed us as a family my eldest lad has ptsd and has been having therapy for 3 years my middle lad has severe depression both quit uni due to ill health , they both had really bright futures ahead of them my wife is just a complete wreck ,she hasnt been out of the door for 4 years ish but the last thing we want is sympathy , we just want the truth as to what actually caused callums death this could happen to anyone at anytime
  10. im struggling mate , nearly 5 years weve been going thro this i honestly think im dreaming , having a nightmare and im gunna wake up soon , havent / cant go to cemetery cant have any photos up in the house so many things everyday remind me of callum ,just brings everything back seems like yesterday
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-44380653?fbclid=IwAR3OxKZFDiJCDQS8v9r-z0YGvkbQcsfp05GUyI-LtJgrOWTQrpQGswY61t0
  12. i feel its my duty , the only thing left i can do for my son is to keep fighting for answers and justice the case is in the high court in london at the moment ,trying to get the coroners verdict quashed https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-44380653?fbclid=IwAR3OxKZFDiJCDQS8v9r-z0YGvkbQcsfp05GUyI-LtJgrOWTQrpQGswY61t0
  13. it was my son , ,he was 14 the hospital did a serious untoward incident report , then had an independent expert witness , the trust then admitted causation of his death paid compensation to my sons estate at inquest bits of the sui was mentioned ,but nothing from the independent expert witness the coroner used evidence from a different independent witness and came to the conclusion the trust were wrong which left us as a family with more questions than answers
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