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  1. Help I need a job before I start uni and I have applied for so many(about 15) and have only had 1 interview
  2. What are the best stables south sheffield border line Derbyshire? ??
  3. Where would be the best place to adopt kittens? ???
  4. Good places to go out on a evening? ?
  5. i am intrested, i have been riding since i was 7, but only started to gain experiencefrom 2008 up to now, so i would say that i have 6 full years of experience, i am 18 and am hoping to start at one of the unis in sheffield in september-october, i am moving over to sheffield from france in order to go to uni, i will be over from the end of june please contact me if you still need someone, i am a very willing rider and i am always trying to progress, i have a french certificate "Galop 3" there are a total of 6 so i am half way there, galop 6 is the level that you need to be a riding instructer. hope i can help
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