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  1. Ok, that'd be good, thanks. As it happens, I didn't go to the first one, as I had booked in online for the one at Jawbone Hill for 23 May but it got postponed until the same date as Thorpe Hesley's, so I just carried forward my booking for Jawbone - which was very good and busy.
  2. Just wondering when the dates for further carboots at Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club will be published, following yesterday's first one of the year? I'm not on Facebook or other social media sites, so can't access the info.
  3. Greenhead House Farm on Jawbone Hill, Oughtibridge, are holding their next carboot sale on Sunday 12 July, as they had to cancel the one scheduled for this past Sunday, 5th, due to the high winds which had been forecast. Thorpe Hesley and High Green car boot sale is also taking place on Sunday 12 July at the cricket club near Junction 35 of the M1. So, along with the one at Tesco Infirmary Road, plenty for everyone to go to!! Weather forecast looks better.
  4. Jawbone has confirmed carboot field is drying out nicely with the warm sun today, so it looks good for tomorrow. They said yesterday that although the grass was wet after the rain, the ground underneath was firm. There's a recorded message on their no 07597 966757. They've said they'll put a further message on tonight, no later than 8pm, should they have to cancel at short notice.
  5. Does anybody know when Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club will be able to confirm officially that the car boot scheduled for Sunday 21 June will be going ahead? Their online information says they're hoping to hold it, but no further details as yet.
  6. Not surprisingly, in view of the current situation, Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club have posted that their carboots will not take place until further notice. The first one was scheduled for 19 April according to their website. (I think the author of the posting above meant this cricket club rather than Thorncliffe??)
  7. Just wondering if there are going to be any more carboots at Tesco Infirmary Road this year? Thanks
  8. Just wondering when the next carboot sale will be at Tesco on Infirmary Road? Thanks.
  9. Is the carboot at Thorpe Hesley going to be on on Sunday, or will the cricket pitch also be too soft? Would be useful to know. Thanks. Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club have just confirmed that they're having to cancel their carboot this Sunday 16th June, as the ground is just too wet. They say they're hoping to re-arrange it for a later date. Their next one is 30th June anyway.
  10. Would it be possible for the organisers of the carboot at Thorpe Hesley cricket club to confirm if Sunday's carboot (12 May) will be taking place in view of the rain in the past few days? Thanks.
  11. Went to Tesco Infirmary Road this morning, and it seems that there is a possibility of another carboot being held there, weather permitting - it'll be advertised if they decide to have it.
  12. Good to see that Tesco on Infirmary Road are having another carboot on Sunday 7 October - their last one on 16 September was pretty busy, which was good.
  13. I went yesterday (Sunday) to Tesco Infirmary Road and people were saying the next one was in a fortnight's time, so presumably it is 3rd June they mean.
  14. Are there any further dates for Tesco Infirmary Road? Today's one was very good.
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