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  1. Hi Flyer If you can be bothered to type in: www.jenpart.demon.co.uk You will get the story of another person and also some pictures as it was the and as it is now. Also shefield pictures has pictures of the home . Shaman that sounds fantastic! most boys either went on farm work or wellesley nautical school.
  2. Hi Thursday All info is of use when you are searching like this as good links come from the most unlikely places.I use the internet with the hope that one of the children of my mums brothers or sisters will see it and get in touch.If they have really nosy children this is sure to work. Bye Thursday
  3. Hello again Flyer Did you manage to find your sister? it was common practise to keep the boys and girls apart and the only way to comunicate was with a little letter or to hand the ball back. My mum remembers having the nit check every night and sent to bed with a whack on the side of the head.
  4. Hi Flyer Just checking that your not related, do you know your mum and dads name or your brothers or sisters,you might be able to help me or I you,look foreward to your reply.My mum was the cottam who was in FCH and she had six brothers one of who died when he was about 10 13yrs old.It is such a sad situation that my mum lost her family for 60yrs but I did find 2 of her brothers 2mths ago, let me know if you need any help with anything. Bye
  5. It is my mum who is the cottam she came from shefield but yes I do live in cumbria, thanks for the intrest are you a cottam?
  6. Hello Thursday Frank is in charge of the ledgers that were kept by the council for the children that were addmited to the homes ther will also be records kept at the Shefield archives tel 01142039395 god luck keep in touch.
  7. I am still learning how to use this site thursday and will be in touch when i have mastered it jst keep plugging away for the moment. Be in touch soon
  8. Any body with info about the home between 1940 1960 my mum was there with lots of brothers and sisters but they have all lost touch but have recently found two brothers please reply if you know of any cottams in the home during that period phylis and james louis are the parents names.
  9. Hi Thursday my mum was in the fulwood cottage homes 1940 she had many brothers and sisters who were lost during the time she spent there I have found two of her brothers and I am looking for her sisters now, one of who is a twin. There is also a bookletFor "The Love Of Children" a story about the poor children of sheffield and fulwood cottage homes
  10. I have information about all the above and it seems such a coincidence, is this my new cousin? or another member of my family?, I would very much appreciate a reply and I will help you in your search also.
  11. cottam family from fulwood cottage home Phylis & James Louis parents of family taken into care1936approx if you have any info on fullwood cottage homes between 1932 1952 please reply.My Mother was there and I want to find family
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