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  1. Looks like we are all not the only ones to lose money at the hands of Danny Hatton aka ZombieXperience. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-hospital-zombie-apocalypse-cancelled-7340257
  2. Good website and menu looks good. Good luck
  3. Loads up well on iphone. Could do with potentially being a bit simpler.
  4. I think I have read enough and will say first of all ZombieDan you need to get ALOT more business sense...whilst you have made money this is not for ripping people off! I was recommended this event by a friend who booked on one of your early events. So I recommended this to a friend who was having his stag do, sure enough the best man booked the stag do and traveled to the Venue of 'The Stan' or 'Site 61' or whatever it is called now. To be met by nothing apart from a guy who explained the site was closed. After being as helpful as possible one of the guys tried to call 'Dan' on the phone but to no success, eventually he answered and fobbed it off as 'WE SENT YOU AN EMAIL' I am sorry but I have run a business for years and if this was me I would of called, put on twitter, put on facebook about the events been cancelled, something more than an email, or was this just the 'easy' route to avoid any backlash? I can guess which one. I don't know who you think you are 'Dan' but you are making out everyone else except you is wrong, stand up and be counted instead of sat blaming everyone else but you! I think it's only time before you upset the wrong person. In regards to not paying people and refunds, I have another friend who booked in and spent £700 with you June and as yet no idea whether this event will run or not. This is for her sons birthday and I don't think you realise you are messing with peoples lives and excitement. As I liked Zombie Xperience on Facebook I have seen that you have opened up venue after venue. Is this by taking advance bookings and using the money to pay for other places? I hope it all catches up with you and you fall heavily as you have messed with a lot of peoples lives and if some of the posts are to be believed then you seem to be living like a millionaire with no care for anyone else. You are a bully with no business sense which has blatantly had a bit of success but trust me kid, to run a company properly takes more than what you have got. And in regards to not paying I know a lad that works/worked for you and his dad has informed me of exactly how you deal with people and how you conduct business. I will sign this off as a personal review AVOID Zombiexperience! and DO NOT BOOK Zombiexperience EVER!!!
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