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  1. Class. Would have paid good money to see his face when he realised id got one ovet on him.... ....ooooh a parcel I wasnt expecting. .. {excitement builds}. Opens the tape... opes the box... and its intrnded court sction papereork..... BAM.... howd ya like those eggs. Biaaatch
  2. From surfing around in the last half.hour its.seems that danny hatton is quite a busy man. Running numerous scams over numerous sites and evwnts. And thats just little me on a smrt phont. I doubt there wont be any money left by the time the police have had their experts link.it all up and seize it all umder proceeds of crime act. With a bit of look his acomplys ah hem.sorry fiancé will be done fkr handleing or aiing and abbetting or something
  3. Lol. Ask about the the impending court action we served on danny last week. H le refused to sign for letters anymore so I popped a letter in a parcel box, sealed it up with a fragile sticker and hey presto... one signed for by danny dick hatton. The thick cut. Just googled his bogus emails and those other sites. He is just a con artist. I hope the police co fiscate his laptop and lock him up for a long time. They say thateven the most sophisticated criminals get csught by the simplest mistakes.... like danny.. using his real name over and over.... duuuuuuh
  4. I do t have Facebook. . Can anybody post a link of that coppers email on itm seems a lot of rippd off people on there
  5. http://www.gloucestercitizen.co.uk/Concerns-refunds-ZombieXperience-ceases-trading/story-21343425-detail/story.html#comments It goes on and on... With any luck this will go viral and the world will know what a con man he was.... he was actually bragging to one of the swat lads that in one month he had taken 60k!!!! I laughed it off as bullpoop but given the amount of follewers he had its probably plausable given the other cons he was pulling.
  6. RIGHT GUYS.... I AM TANGOONE or for those that have worked it out Tango-one, SWAT TEAM. (if danny had actually attend the events he would have worked it out fairly quickly i always used radio call sign tango one) We were conned by Dan Hatton big time. Long story short - failed payments, bull poop promises and then more bull poop. Hence why we pulled out. Spread the word and email that investigating police officer, give full details of how he ripped you off and how much by. He has taken tens of thousands of pounds off people and not given goods or services in return. i'm fairly sure that obtaining goods and services by deception - FRAUD! Chances of you getting your money back - slim to none. Chances of Danny being convicted for further fraud charges - good! The facebook has been shut down, i suspect as a cover up but the site can still take ticket sales All I can say is he has proved to everybody that he is the con man he claimed he wasn't and has got a taster of what he deserved. This is one of those momentous times where the people speak, and get heard! spread the word and get people who have been ripped off to email the police kim.mowday@gloucestershire.police.uk If we dont voice ourselves then he will probably serve a few months and be let out to pickup where he left off. (I cant believe his defence tried to argue that inprisonment would damage his "successfull business" ) NB: SWAT WERE NOT PART OF ZombieXperience! WE WAS CONTRACTED AS A THIRD PARTY AND HAD NO CONTROL OVER THE EVENT (EXCEPT WHAT WE DID IN THE CARPARK). WE ARE A COMPLETE SEPARATE COMPANY WHO WERE HIRED IN AND INSTRUCTED ON WHAT THE PLAN WAS. WE ARE OWED THOUSANDS AND ONCE WE REALISED IT WAS A CON WE SEPARATED IMMEDIATELY. DAN HATTON IS A VERY CONVINCING LIAR AND HAD EVEN FABRICATED DOCUMENTS TO MAKE US BELIEVE HE HAD SENT MONEY. AFTER A FEW WEEKS WE FINALLY WORKED IT OUT....... SORRY GUYS We are however in the process of setting up a legitimate company for zombie events & airsoft. We were already in the process to try and blow ZX out of the water and then we saw this news.. so as they say watch this space, swat & zombie events will be back in yorkshire......
  7. sorry john i dont do facebook. what can I help you with?
  8. :nono:So looking at the Zombiexperience website and facebook the "game" has Moved. From what is seems Dan Hatton and Zombie Xperience have abandoned Sheffield site due to the costs involved in making it safe. ZX have lost their original Gloucestershire site (rumor is he and the landlord had a disagreement - my bet is that the landlord is owed money!) They have lost the Liverpool hospital (again rumors that the landlords found out about Sheffield and the money issues) The amazing headline news line of how ZX were going to use a part demolished nhs site - without permission. The evidence is fairly devastating. Like the previous post says, its not possible to leave any negative feedback anywhere about this guy. He is moving sites constantly, sites that he does not own, but hires off other reputable companies then rips off customers and moves on the the next area. TOTAL CON MAN!!!! ---------- Post added 03-07-2014 at 13:16 ---------- Might I suggest some of the following to people that have been ripped off by this guy: BBC Rogue Traders / BBC Watchdog; bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/contact Trading Standards: gov.uk/find-local-trading-standards-office RIP OFF BRITTON bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/beonashow/rip_off_britain I KNOW I HAVE.........
  9. Dan.. Let me ask you one question,, as you seem to be avoiding this matter in all your long and colorful defenses... WHEN WILL THE STAFF GET PAID?? I KNOW FOR A FACT that I haven't been paid, nor have at least 7/8 other Zombies, and i have also had it on good authority that the company with the SWAT Team that you hired have started legal proceedings to recover money owed to them by you and ZombieXperience. Fair play to ya... You have created an awesome idea.. An excellent game and a growing business! But... You cannot use these as excuses for poor business practice. If your in over your head.. GET HELP!! You cannot continue to let people down and not pay your staff.. Its not an excuse! It is a shame that people have to voice their issues on a forum because you do not answer your phone or emails or messages! Your Facebook account is not a true reflection of reality as I and other people have left negative comments on there and they are removed immediately!
  10. Thanks ZombieDan. I took your advice and rang Sheffield City Council a few minutes ago. They tell me that the "notice has been served and still stands"... "the work that was requested to make the site safe for use HAS NOT been carried out and therefore the site is still not fit for use and remains CLOSED" Might I add that you are very quick and aggressive in your defense. You quite clearly have things to hide and cover up. You are still telling lies and still not being honest. I have still not been paid and neither have the rest of the zombies that have worked hard for your events and clearing up the site ready for re opening. Doubt we will ever see any payment! You have just ripped us off like the customers! If anybody wants to check before they make the journey to the site for an event that probably will not happen Sheffield City Council Health And Safety is: 0114 273 4653
  11. i used to work on this site for zombie xperience until i stopped getting paid. Then all i got was excuse after excuse... -ive just had a baby -the banks havent honoured the cheques for security reasons -we've had to open a new bank account -we have got too big too quick so need an accountant -its in the hands of the accountant i cant do anything -it will be with you via bacs in three days *****still not been paid for 4 weeks work***** the stories of people turning up to an empty site are true and from what i know customers are having to fight for their money back. There is no communication from dan and he is letting a lot of people, staff and cuustomers down... My question is... Where is the money for wages and refunds??!! eVEN if i get paid (unlikely) i wont be going back.... too many lies and false promises.... check his facebook out though, lots of nice new cars and motorbikes..... Dan was hardly ever at the sheffield site. the guy that ran it for him fro what i understand is in the same boat as me and a lot of other "employees". The site has been closed presently due to health and safety reasons... in short Sheffield Council have declared it unsafe and unfit for purpose and issued a Cease And Desist notice with IMMEDIATE effect. (this is no secret, there is an A4 Laminated notice Gaffa taped tot he entrance) from what the guys in the unit next door was saying, its unlikely to be given the green light until a lot of money is spent on it. CHECK BEFORE YOU VENTURE OUT TO PLAY!!!!!
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