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  1. Hi ya Jojo it's Mick Megadrive, Thought i'd catch up on this Thread now you've told me it's back on again. Are you goin' on Rig later? LOL:
  2. hello Janine, I remember you cuz i came upto your flat a couple o' times a few years ago. I know Joleen & Ryan quite well. My handle's Megadrive (Mick) I know (Dr Death) shaun, he is a good mate. Hope you & kids ok. If you see Shaun show him this message please byeeeeeeeeee
  3. Eddie (Fisherman) is back on rig, He was in hospital n' while he was there some people he knew fixed his ariel.
  4. all i can tell u is that they is a family of gleadhill in the shirecliffe area of sheffield but thats as far as i can help u sorry
  5. Have you tryed George IV on Infirmary Road? It's got a nice Function Room and it's not too Pricey, the bar staff are very friendly too.
  6. it's not shut, I think he was talkin' about a while ago.
  7. Hi barry,Phillipa n' anyone else, Barry do you Remember that Rotel 240 i sold you when i met you in town? I went out mobile with Shaun(Dr Death) last night, i saw Karen a couple of weeks ago in fact i spoke to her earlier today! shauns a good mate. Lee lives in gainsborough with his mrs hes got 5 kids! ha ha. I've only been back on CB about 3 months, It's a madhouse. Glad to know that you're all ok.xx MICK
  8. yes i remember seeing you both in Millionaires, i remember seein' ya at the CB do's that nidge(Red Alert) used to run at Snig hill What is now known as the Boardwalk. Isaw you a few times, you used to be close friends with Christine(Black Widow). I used to be and still am good friends with Lee(Pollyfilla) and Aidey(Road Rash). I know you and your husband's names after all this time lol, how are you anyway? are you well? Hope so. Stallion 69 is not my user name I've been usin' his PC on this thread but if you reply I'll get to read it. ROGER DODGER.
  9. hi i see u r looking for the family name Darwent as far as i know they are from the brightside area of sheffield i know them because the mother of my childern is a darwent and they are still a few in sheffield
  10. I'm on my mates PC, Yes i used to know Lynn(sheff blade) well as i used to go with her mate Sarah(fresh Princess). What was your handle on the CB if you don't mind me askin'?
  11. hi there rig heads, I am Megadrive on the CB. There are still quite a few breakers on today Silverfox,Headbanger,Dragster,Angel Warrior,Slimjim,White Rose,Iceman,Dr Death(good mate),Mother Eileen,Robocop,Howlin' mad ****head,Apple Charlotte,Pogo,Black Witch(Lynn) and quite a few new ones especially in the Manor & Arbourthorne area. Sweet talker(Val) lives in Spain,Fishermans Ariel is broke. Does anyone remember Road Rash(Aidey),Black Knight(carl),Lee(Pollyfilla),Bob Marley(joe),Pussycat(sandra),Fresh Princess(Sarah),Sheffield Blade(Lynn),Rabbit Catcher(John),Exterminator(Glynn),Gunsmith(Barry),Miss World(Maz). Enterprize(Rob) and Loony Tunes(Dave) both passed away during the last couple o' years. I now live up Fox Hill.
  12. HI there i can remember megadrive his name is mick cos hes sat next to me now, hes been back on cb about 3months. I also know and remember the rest of those u mentioned hi hifi mick said helo do u remember roadrash
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