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  1. Same here, I’ve only just noticed this thread. A distant branch of my family emigrated to the USA with the Mormon Church. Thomas Wright born in Gleadless and his wife Annie born in Handsworth, left Liverpool on the SS Colorado on 14 th July 1868 to New York. They then travelled by train to the railhead at Benton, and left Benton on August 14th 1868;on the Daniel McArthur wagon train with 114 people and 61 wagons. They settled in Coalville , Utah. Distant relatives from the Church of LDS have been very helpful in providing information for our family tree.
  2. Just wondered what he did between University and becoming a councillor and then Lord Mayor
  3. Does anyone know what job our Lord Mayor has, or is he living off his councillors allowance? Most councillors used to treat this as a part time role and held down normal jobs.
  4. I hear that Billy Smarts circus is coming to Endcliffe Park in August. He could always send them his C V.
  5. Unfortunately this guy acting as a clown has done more damage to the Greens in Sheffield as being a credible alternative party.
  6. Spearmint Rhino is not somewhere I would chose to visit, but have no issues with the license being renewed. I am currently on holiday in the Greek Islands and have observed many females on the beaches wearing the most revealing swimwear. I would like to ask those who object to the license being renewed whether they think these females are being forced to wear revealing swimwear or whether it is their own choice to do so?
  7. The Blacka Moor car park on Hathersage Road is cordoned off today. Police car on site and blue tape round the area. Does anyone know what is happening?
  8. Does anyone know what road closures are planned for the Half Marathon?
  9. No problem early on Sunday morning. I do it regularily along with many others. Keep to the right facing the oncoming traffic.
  10. Simon Hide, Dairyman, delivers in S11. Tel 07894 858428. Very reliable.
  11. Can anyone tell me how much I should be paying an electrician to fit a domestic 12 way dual rcd unit?
  12. Ran in the 10k this morning. A well organised event with a great atmosphere. It may have cost £25 but good value compared to what I pay on a Saturday to watch football.
  13. Does anyone know how many have entered for next Sunday's 10k?
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