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  1. Absolute learner. Lady requires keyboard lessons preferably at home (Hands worth). Advice or recommendations please
  2. I have stayed at the Hilton Hotel many times and it is a lovely oasis alongside the canal basin in a City Centre. The building will easily be converted into flats,which will be sold for a princely sum. However, this might be a good thing for the area. Watch this space !!
  3. Houstead Road is also a good place to live. Normally quiet
  4. Please can anyone recommend a reliable dog groomer. Preferably S9, S13, S20 or nearby Thank you
  5. Does anyone know why the Brown Bear is closed ??
  6. I would love to hear from small builders or someone with good experience to carry out a little job please. I require timber flooring and floor joists to be removed from a conservatory in Handsworth. And replace with concrete floor. Some surface preparation required but not much. Floor area about 20 sq metres Please let me know of any reliable person. Thanks
  7. Hi. Can any Forum members recommend a local ceilidh band please Thanks
  8. Dear forum readers. I hope that someone can give me good, reliable advice re some builders that are supposed to be doing some work for me. All I wanted was for a brick built porch to be dismantled and rebuilt with the proper foundations. I accepted a quote many weeks ago now, and after a long time with lots of phone calls and dates to start work, all I have is a hole in the ground and a pile of bricks. And of course some damage to the (inner) door frame !!. I cannot get a date and the excuses are busy, bad weather etc. I have not paid any money up front and at this stage it would be wrong to name the company. What would you recommend that I do ?? Many thanks for any good ideas or advice
  9. Hi. I have a brick built porch and the windows cracked last year, so I think there has been some movement. Recommendations needed please for someone to dismantle and remove, and then replace. The porch is approx 4ft x 5ft. Handsworth area Thanks
  10. Are any readers aware of who/where my friend can drive a tractor for a special birthday treat? Thanks
  11. It's now just one provided you have a hand wash facility in the bathroom. Regs changed about 1-2 years ago
  12. I am thinking of replacing the downstairs and upstairs bay windows in my house. Would any forum reader care to recommend any firm that has done a good job for you and is reasonably priced. Ideally a firm local to Handsworth, although I don't suppose that's as important as getting a good job done Thanks for any advice
  13. contact the police !! Sounds like a criminal offence, if you have proof that it's been stolen, and you are the legal owner
  14. Would any forum readers like to recommend where I can buy a large set of wardrobes (new ones at reasonable price !!) in the Sheffield area?? Sort of size is about 8 feet wide by 8 feet high Many thanks
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