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  1. People on here seem to be very quiet whenever its abuse of small boys as opposed to girls. Though one would assume Rotherham is nearer to this Frums purpose than Plymouth is, and Plymouth is a lot better place than Rotherham, nauturally.
  2. If they stuck to thier own middle class lib lives the world would be a better place, without them coddling and facilitating every misbegotten bunch of fools they can find to offer succour to.
  3. very good example of the narcisistic pernsonailty disorder that causes libtard thought process there. Always the base need to feel morally superior.
  4. Its not silly, Farage is middle England incarnate...I regard him and thme as somewhat too libtard for my tastes.
  5. But Farage isnt anywhere near as Right wing as Gorgeous George is a loony leftist...Farage is pretty middle of the road.
  6. Sometimes provocation is extreme. Im not violent at all. no need to be so
  7. Ive seen far more "leftists" trying to get violent...It seems to be in thier genes playing the hard man
  8. Id condemn someone giving Galloway a bit of a slap because as an MP he should be allowed to speak as he sees fit. But as a sorry excuse for a man I think he got off very lightly indeed. Violence may not be the answer, but often it is a suitable response.
  9. It is a reasonable assumption that persons of Pakistani heritage are most probably Muslim, isn't it?
  10. You sure its not the Vendor who wants the open viewings?
  11. If you are saying what I think, you should be able to get a rail photo ID by taking your picture etc to the station Ticket Office.
  12. Prince Charles at a railway station rather late at night, not his local one though. He said Good Evening as he passed by as did the detective with him - I was ever so slightly surprised to see him there.
  13. I think he is the same guy that does the Crookes pitch mainly.
  14. The dude on Crookes outside Fulton's is beyond pushy - Im "surprised" he's not yet had a slap for his attitude. I believe he got moved on from another local Big Issue pitch before said slap arrived.
  15. Someone has to do the cooking and cleaning too!
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