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  1. Thanks Rimrunner for input. Thanks Grand this is also like new and boxed. At least I have an idea now.
  2. Can I please ask advice. I am finding it hard to work out price to sell this at. It is very good condition, would come with Battlefield 1, The elder scrolls V SKYRIM, Call Duty Black ops 111, Star Wars Battlefront, Fifa 16. Plus XBox chat head set. I have looked at different sites but my head is swimming with it all. Really prefer it to go as one lot. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Thanks pdbmn My first quiz in years. really looking forward to it I used to run quizzes before mobile phones so decades ago......
  4. Hi, sorry for jumping on thread, I am looking for a couple of people to join my team for next Mondays quiz at the original Bierkeller , the team is registered. We are a team of two 50 year old females, a twenty something female and a twenty something male. Our first outing at quiz so if you easygoing and up for a laugh and fancy joining us drop me a pm. :)
  5. Hi, I am hoping someone maybe able to help. My son died recently and at funeral I wish to do a slide show. I have a dvd of him on a rugby tour a few years ago. I have worked out how to get the still but is there a way to make the quality better as it looks washed out. Or am I better off just adding a few seconds of it amongst all the other photo's. Also is there a best way to do the slide show. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I agree with leviathan13 you pay the amount for all of your tenancy, the council will check it yearly. Also if you move on the furniture remains councils.
  7. Sorry to jump on thread Sam would you be able to pm your friends details as I am looking for someone to look after my dog for weekend in August. Thanks
  8. Hi The real junk food project project are always looking for willing volunteers and your son could do whatever he felt comfortable doing. The tasks can include prepping veg, making cakes desserts. Making soups sauces. This is dependant on what we get in. Other roles are front of house greeting customers, taking orders. Washing up is another role. The volunteers are very varied older, younger, we also have volunteers with similar disabilities as your son. There is no wage but you could get experience and a reference it is a friendly fun place to volunteer. We can be found on Facebook. If I can be of help please do pm me good luck.
  9. Thanks Event Horizo, We are going to take your advice. Will book test and hopefully find an instructor with an automatic car that wants some business such a shame you do only manual car.
  10. Thank you for you reply it answers why not one driving instructor has bothered to reply, great news that they are that busy they do not want more advance business. I . Just a final add she has passed theory and was expecting to pay for test on top of the £600.
  11. Are there any reliable and good driving instructors that want business. My friend and has been trying for over 3 weeks to speak to someone. What is required is an intensive course with an automatic car. T The timeline is hopefully 4 weeks time if possible, start on the Monday test on the Friday. She has had lessons and is based in S2, has passed the theory. Is looking at spending maximum of £600. She has left countless messages both by phone and email to countless people and not one reply. So here we are on Sheffield forum.
  12. You have hit the nail on the head gnomi. The support group I attend has the peer support approach. It really is the best approach in my humble opinion.
  13. I would be interested in doing your survey if you need any doing. I am one of the lucky ones, I have found a brilliant very small support group that I have been attending for a year. It is amazing and helped me through the worst period of my life.
  14. Agree with above pure rubbish York, Leeds or Manchester
  15. The BT National Championships 2016 will see the top 6 teams of Division 1 competing in the Cup competition, whilst the next top 6 teams across Divisions 1, 2 & 3 will compete for the Shield. Entry is free and there is no need to register for tickets in advance – we look forward to seeing you there! When? 23rd – 24th April 2016 Where? EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA I thoroughly recommend this excellent sport, it is fast and exciting and it's free to watch.
  16. Hi Catmanblue, I have a Lichfield Trevone 2 tent never been used it is an easy pitch tent I can give you dimensions plus a picture if interested £55, plus an electric hook up also never been used £15.
  17. Good luck today :) see you at 1pm looking forward to it.
  18. Thought I would just update, I have been awarded PIP no assessment, I applied in September. Filled form in myself, didn't send any medical information as to be honest was very confused when filling out form. They contacted my doctor and other health professionals. I received text from DWP to say I have been awarded PIP and will receive payment within two weeks. Never give up good luck to all still fighting xx
  19. What kind of turnaround is there from applying til assessment? also does everyone need an assessment? Good luck Daisydoo xx
  20. Unless its first come property it can and does often change, I was told the best gauge is on the Wednesday sfter for bidding as you could be number 1 on the Thursday then go to number 20 and much further down. Good luck x
  21. Just had a meal today at the 'Old House' sadly very mediocre.
  22. Wild camping is I thought as it sounds. No site no facilities you and mother nature together. Pitch your tent where you fancy in the beautiful countryside. Maybe Mailbottle Wild Camping is a little to basic for you....
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