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  1. Hi Andy, I didn't realise anyone would be interested in this. Please message me if you need any details of family to complete or add to the family tree.
  2. Hi. Let me know if you want anymore info re Oswald. Would love to learn more about the family.
  3. Hi, but did my dad give you any sweets?
  4. The road in question is Dykes Hall Road. Does this help?
  5. Wow, you have got a fantastic collection of photos if you came up with that one. I've just sent it to my daughters, who sadly never met their grandad - one of them now in Australia! The power of the internet.
  6. I do remember Janice Hearnshaw, I think she may also have been a Saturday girl in my dad's sweet shop in Hillsborough.
  7. Well there's certainly nothing wrong with your long term memory! Dad insisted on having the walls of the shop lined with sparkling glass jars full of sweets. This was maintained by having two jars, one behind the other, so that as soon as sweets were sold from the front jar, when no customers were in the shop , we would have to replenish from the jar behind. The jars also had to be polished at least twice a week. Dad had a 'war' with Woolworths when they started selling Cadburys misshapes and Cadburys wouldn't supply him with this line. The only way he could get hold of these was to buy in the same quantity as Woolworths. Dad was stubborn and would not be beaten, consequently we had a huge container load of these chocolates to store and then sell! This stock had to be put around the walls of the upstairs stockroom - if the boxes had been put on the floor the ceiling was in danger of collapsing! You're right, he did sell home brew ingredients at a different site after that. We had a cellar full of the stuff at home and past boyfriends would love their talks with dad over a glass or two. Dad used to call it his truth drug as he would learn all kinds of secrets after a few. Time does fly, but thankfully the memories stay.
  8. Well, what a site to stumble upon! And what names and faces I can now remember! I'm Pat Edley that was and now living in the south east but missing Sheffield, Worrall, and surrounding. I also remember the dreaded tea trot in the first year at EGS I believe my 'partner' was Tony Skelton?
  9. I remember it well, I'm Mr Edley's daughter, Pat, what great times I had working there as dad's Saturday girl.
  10. Hi. I'm new to this site, just stumbled on it! Oswald Edley, or Ossie to his friends was my father and did own the sweet shop in Hillsborough. I worked there as a Saturday girl, but believe me there were no privileges being family. He ran the shop like a well oiled machine, and was meticulous in his cleaning - all glass jars had to polished and refilled so that every jar in the shop was ALWAYS full and enticing. Busy periods were of course Xmas, Easter, and Mother's Day and he would often have a queue out of the door. Happy days.
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