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  1. Hi I am fairly new to this area and looking for running partners. Would prefer to run on an evening about 7pm on a Monday or Tuesday or early on a weekend. I can run 6 miles in under 50 mins so would like someone of similar ability. I would join a running group but most meet too early during the week as I have two young kids so it's not practical to go running till one has gone to bed.
  2. Looking at going back to work soon. Little one will be less than one years old.
  3. Hi I am a first time mum with a 15 week old boy who suffers from ezema all over body. Would like to meet or chat to other mums to have children who suffer from this to share tips and advice x x
  4. Hi I would be interested in this as I enjoy walking. I have a 12 week old baby boy and live in halfway area.
  5. Hi recently moved to Halfway and would like to meet other soon mums. Am 36 wks pregnant and keen to join some groups before and after baby is born. Any suggestions around this area?
  6. Hi Am looking at pushchairs and there are so many to choose from. I am after something which is easy to fold, fits in a small boot and good for plenty of walks. I dont want to spend too much but want to have a good car seat to match.Any recommendations??
  7. Hi I am getting married in 2 weeks. I am after some cheap wedding entertainment for evening reception and was thinking of caracturist. Anyone got any ideas or prices? Thanks
  8. Hi I would be interested in this place is it still available? Thanks
  9. Hi Can anyone let me know how much damp proofing a mid terrace house wuld cost. been quoted £4k for half wall and £5.5k for full wall. Did not think it would cost this much? Thanks
  10. hey can anyone recommend a good boxercise/self defense class near the city centre.
  11. does anyone who speaks cantonese and want to improve their english in exchange - then get in touch with me.
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